1. E

    Fly screens

    Does anyone know where I can get the mesh replaced on sliding fly screens. I can remove the screens myself and take them to where ever will put new mesh in. Side or Manavagat area.
  2. S

    Fly/Mozzy Screens ?

    Hi, anybody know someone doing a good service on fly screens in the bodrum, gumusluk, turg or yali area, some friends have had some done, and good when frist instaled but poor job, bad fitting, sort of thing, someone said that there was a dutch guy doing a great job, enybody heard of...
  3. T

    Looking to get fly mosquito screens installed.

    Hi I am new to the forum, although I have been checking it out on a regular basis and find it an excellent source of information and the members extremely helpful. We purchased a place here between Kusadasi and Davutlar 8 years ago and have been coming here on a regular basis since. We are...
  4. T

    Looking to get fly mosquito screens installed.

    I posted this in the Izmir section by accident, apologies!! Should have been in the Kusadasi section.
  5. R

    Mosquito screens

    Has anyone recently had screens installed in the Yalikavak area? We are coming out soon and want to get this done on our apartment this season. We are looking for 4 patio doors. An idea of price would be helpful then we have something to check the quotes against. Any tips on who to use would...
  6. R

    Mosquito screens

    Would anyone have any idea of the cost of these in the Dalaman area. Being a new owner and not wanting to pay over the odds some advice would be gratefully received. Will also be looking for a good finishing joiner Thanks.
  7. John LeNeve

    Door screens

    Saw an add come on TV here in the US for a really good idea on how to keep bugs out. Check out the URL below. Don't need screens here in California and no time to buy before I head over tomorrow but I think I am definately bringing some back in May. Might not be...
  8. immac

    Fly Screens

    I´m looking for the type of fly screen that draws across the door from one side to the other, rather like a (retractable) roller blind on a spring loaded roller. Do they do them in Turkey? Ian
  9. B

    Mosquito Screens

    Hello all - does anyone know where I can have mosquito screens made and fitted in the Dalaman area? A rough idea of the cost would be very helpful too.
  10. P

    Mossy screens

    This year i was badly bitten by the mossies. The funny thing is in past years they have never bothered with me.!!! I am now considering putting up screens, possibably something a little more substancial than the nets they sell in the supermarkets. I would very much appreciate any views as to...
  11. B

    Mosquito Screens

    Hi, Can anyone please supply me with the name of a company who can supply Upvc Mosquito Screens and and give me an idea of costs per door/window. Many thanks, Maurice.
  12. yalimart

    insect screens

    anybody know the cost of having insect screens fitted, i assume there is a "per square metre" cost ? also how do you put the little 2 for squared or 3 for cubed or degree symbol after a number ? martin sorry about the mix of questions
  13. KKOB

    Clearer Text On Screens

    If you have a Liquid Crystal Display computer screen (ie laptop or flat screen) here's a neat little trick to make your computer screen show the text in a clearer way. First go to your normal desktop, right click and then click on [Properties].The Properties window will open. Click on the...
  14. F

    Shower Screens

    Hi, has anyone ever bought/seen an 'over bath shower screen' in or around the Bodrum area please, if so where and can you remember the price that you paid? Fran
  15. C

    Fly Screens!

    Hi, can anyone recommend someone to install fly screens for our villa in Yalikavak? Thanks!
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