1. juco

    Scream, kindle

    It takes approx 8 hours to read the 73000 words of the terms and condition for the latest kindle! Make sure you read before you sign :218by:
  2. millilove76

    I want to scream!

    I have just sat for over an hour and typed about my travels to the East of Turkey. I started to copy it so i could paste and do a spell check and its gone...just gone. The forum has thrown me out again..sometimes it does after 10 mins. Its just copied my last reply to a post hours ago and now i...
  3. gipsybabe

    I want to scream!

    Hi, I have just had a call from Turkish Airlines. We were meant to be flying at 7am Monday to Bodrum via Istanbul arriving 3.45pm. They have just cancelled the connecting flight so we now have had to fly out later and now arrive arrive at 20.40. We are only there Monday thru to Friday 8am so to...
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