1. bickern

    EU to scrap daylight savings

    About time too, I hope UK follows. At least the remoaners wont be able to whinge if the UK does do it. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The EU is set to end the practice of switching between summer and winter time after a survey found most EU citizens are...
  2. altinkumforum

    Gold buyers exhibition announce

    Hi All, just wanted to announce an evet for next sunday the 30th. There is gold buyers exhibition at didim jewellery in Altinkum beach front. just below pegasus bar and near nigel's restaurant. If you have scrap, unused or unwanted gold jewelleries, you can bring them and turn into cash or pick...
  3. Mushtaq

    Airlines forced to scrap 'surprise' debit card charges

    Low-cost airlines, including easyJet and Ryanair, have been ordered to include charges for paying by debit card in tickets’ headline prices to show the true cost of flying with them. In a major crackdown on unpopular pricing practices in the aviation industry, the Office of Fair Trading has...
  4. J

    Holland is to Scrap Flight Tax

    Hi all Good use for us clogges Holland is to Scrap the flight tax, I am sure it will start a price war here and have a knock on effect in the UK. Lets hope we are the first of many ? :gossip:
  5. A


    theres not been a good scrap in here for a while oh well will have to watch the boxing on ITV tomorrow night. not as exciting though.
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