1. Tenpin

    Scotland - SNP....What Next

    Shetland Islands Council votes to explore breakaway from SNP-run Scotland. Shetland Islands Council has voted to explore ways of achieving financial and political self-determination. Councillors...
  2. bickern

    Scotland to switch to driving on the right if they achieve independence

    Seeking to capitalise on the arguments this week about "bullying" England and keeping the pound, they will unveil an ambitious scheme to scrap the current – English inspired – road signage system. M for motorway will be replaced with a new S – for Scotland and the A trunk roads will become N...
  3. juco

    Scotland ready to kick off, hogmany

    Scotland, just a wee warm up before it starts proper....
  4. bickern

    Scotland WILL be independent by 2025

    Nicola Sturgeon said she believes Scotland will be independent by 2025 - amid predictions she could hold the balance of power after June 8. Scotland's First Minister also repeated her vow to try to hold a second independence referendum within the new two years. And she said that Scotland must...
  5. bickern

    A true independent Scotland

    To be honest, and I don't say this lightly, a lot of Scots are just out and out racist towards England and the English, this may well be because our history has given them an ingrained hatred. This is a problem sometimes with England's relationship with its European neighbours. I am aware of...
  6. bickern

    Sturgeon’s dream of independent Scotland in TATTERS

    NICOLA Sturgeon’s hopes of an independent Scotland are looking increasingly unlikely as the country continues to suffer from a devastating oil slump. After promising the nation was strong enough to go alone and break from the United Kingdom, critics have mocked Ms Sturgeon following the...
  7. Devil's_Advocate

    BREXIT: What is Scotland playing at?

    Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, appears to be trying everything to block the will of the people. Amongst others, she has firstly threatened a new independence referendum. However, following the result of the Scottish referendum on 19 September 2014 she said: "I accept that verdict of...
  8. bickern

    Could it be said it is Scotland's fault we are out?

    From FB The Scottish First Minister has publicly stated on TV that Scotland has been undemocratically taken out of the EU. The Scottish population is approximately 5.2 million people. According to the Referendum results. 1,661,191 voted to remain in the EU and 1,018.322 voted to leave. The...
  9. Sha Hoorsur

    Tory revival in Scotland.

    The unthinkable has happened, and the Tory party are seeing a surprising revival in their fortunes north of the border. I think this is due to the “U” turns on their more outrageous budget proposals, and also Ian Duncan Smith proving that despite being a Tory, he is a man of principal. The...
  10. J

    Bridge to link Scotland and Wales via the Isle of Man

    Scotland and Wales 'could form own country' if Britain votes to leave EU | Home News | News | The Independent Now what date is it?
  11. juco

    Scotland, 7 killed more injured.

    This is awful: Glasgow bin lorry crash latest - BBC News
  12. yalimart

    Scotland's mansion tax

    Will this kill the housing market up there ? Martin
  13. bickern

    Scotland says no

    'Och aye, it's the noo!' Okay, so well done the 'better together' team it was a good decision in my opinion but what happens now? Redmond and Brown will now move into the limelight. I have a lot of empathy with Redwood and his idea of a Westminster that denies an MP from Scotland voting on...
  14. stepwolf

    scotland at 4pm 14/8/14

    thunder and lightning/mass flooding and high winds. anyone else miss this place?
  15. Yalides

    Scotland after independence...

  16. 2

    Scotland / Dalaman Flights

    Can anyone tell me why Thomas Cook have now dumped Turkish Freebird flight company for Pegasus planes in 2014 ? Thomas Cook are obviously cutting a deal with any Turkish airline to make it cheaper to transport to Dalaman than using their own service transport but I notice the reduction in costs...
  17. bickern

    Scotland will have to quit the sterling if it votes for independence next year

    Scotland will be forced to quit the sterling if it votes for independence next year, the Scottish secretary has warned. Alistair Carmichael said the country could not guarantee a currency union with the UK after becoming independent. It is the most prevalent warning yet for Scottish voters to...
  18. scotssteve

    Lonely Planet says Scotland is third best country to visit

    Just confirming what we already knew...... BBC News - Lonely Planet says Scotland is third best country to visit :yipee:
  19. S

    New easy jet flights from scotland

    Two new direct routes from Edinburgh Airport are set to take to the skies next spring. Easyjet will run services between the capital and Heraklion in Crete and Bodrum in Turkey. It will operate twice weekly services to Bodrum in Turkey FROM 31st March and Heraklion in Crete from 1 April. At...
  20. B

    Road trip from Scotland to Dalaman

    We drove from Scotland to Dalaman and back earlier this year and wrote a blog of the trip which you can read here - Scotland -to-Dalaman | A bloody long walk We did it as a once in a lifetime road trip, taking two weeks to drive to Turkey and four weeks to drive back. Its a long blog, with...
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