1. S

    Battery for electric scooter

    Hello, Please can anyone tell me where I can buy a battery for my electric scooter, thanks in advance. Scott.
  2. R

    Do I need to register and inspect a 50cc scooter

    Buying a 50cc moped scooter Anyone know a good quality 50cc bike? My motorcycle license is expired. Looking at some small models for around town. Would like an affordable model. Not familiar with scooters and moped models and brand quality.
  3. J

    Scooter Batteries

    Is there anyone apart from Raymond sells Scooter batteries in Altinkum that I can compare prices with. Bought from Raymond for 650TRY 3 years ago and now being quoted 1600TRY Iam aware that TRY to the Pound is high just now.
  4. A

    Wanted Electric scooter

    Hi good morning everyone. I have not been on here for a while. Looking forward to our summer holidays In the house this year, not been for a while. Does anyone know of a electric scooter for sale please
  5. S

    Electric Scooter Regs

    Need an electric scooter and fancied the Kral KR-25 Ava 5000L. I was aware of laws being passed in 2014 which govern whether you need a licence, licence plate, and insurance etc. This scooter has a supposed speed of 55 kph. Can anyone tell me of the above requirements OR is there a better...
  6. S

    2 seat lectric scooter

    Hello, Please can anyone recommend a place to buy a 2 seat electric scooter for my wife and I, in kusadasi , thank-you.
  7. H

    Wanted two seater electric scooter

    Our friends in Akbuk would like a 2nd hand two seater electric scooter. The type with a seat at the back for his wife. Thank you.
  8. gally

    Buying Electric Scooter

    Anyone got any suggestions for places to buy an electric scooter/moped in the Manavgat/Side/Alanya region Thanks :34:
  9. L

    mobility scooter.

    does anyone know if there is a mobility scooter for hire anywhere in altinkum we are hoping to come later in the year but I am having difficulty trying to find one available for my husband thank you.
  10. I

    MOT for scooter

    I understand that a scooter needs to have an MOT when 3 years old. Can someone tell me how much it is please? Thanks.
  11. M

    Electric scooter for two

    White aysa motor double seated scooter bought new May 2015 owner sadly passed away oct 2015 so we are wanting to sell, it's in very good condition and in akbuk, no problem to view before making an offer 2800 lira Ono
  12. Q

    scooter ownership in Alanya

    HI can anybody out there explain the rule regarding the purchase of a scooter I DONT have RP only 90day visitor visa. I own my appartment 11 years have tax number and tapu.I am now retired and would like to spend more time in Alanya and not rent a scooter each visit thanks.
  13. Helenm150

    Electric scooter ownership in Turkey?

    Can anyone remind me what is the maximum battery size electric scooter you can purchase without RP? Many thanks, Helen :474cu:
  14. Talkinman

    Scooter tax

    How soon can I tax my scooter for the second half of the year? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. D

    Looking to buy 3 wheel-scooter around Yalikavak

    Any body know where I can buy in or near Yalikavak an Scooter with 3 wheels? New or second hand. Thanks for any help.
  16. A

    Mobilty Scooter

    I am lookin to buy or rent a mobility scooter, if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  17. A

    Mobility Scooter

    I am looking to buy or rent a mobility scooter, if anyone is selling one or can advise me where to look, I would be very grateful.
  18. ali türkmen

    Scooter and Car wanted

    Hi All Has anyone got a second hand scooter and car for sale? Thanks. Ali
  19. MiddleEarth

    Auto and Scooter driving enforcement

    I received this today. The person who wrote the letter lives in Kaş but he says this is starting to be enforced country-wide. The local authorities used to "look the other way" especially for tourists. Perhaps no more? It would seem the authorities are finding ways of making our life a little...
  20. C

    Mondial Scooter

    In Akbuk - FOR SALE Mondial Scooter 125cc Year 2006 MA Plate. Good condition. Low mileage. MOT until December 2015. Taxed until December 2014. Included in the price 1 Motorcycle Battery charger (Halfords) 1 Front wheel lock 3 Motorcycle Helmets Full tank of petrol Buyer to pay transfer fees...
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