1. C

    schooling and healthcare in turkey

    Hi, im thinking of moving to Bodrum to live with my partner and our child but im concerned about the schooling and health service in turkey. Our daughters just 2 years old so she will be starting school there as opposed to being taken out of school but im concerned about the quality of schooling...

    Schooling in Turkey.

    Found this article today regarding Turkish childrens first day at school.Bearing in mind they don't have to start school till five & a half years of age,i found the quotes from some parents & a grandmother unbelievable.Bloody wimps!!!. Scared young first graders reluctant to go to school
  3. C

    New Schooling ages

    Hi everyone I have heard something about the age for starting school changing in Turkey, does anyone know if this is true? and if so what age do children now start school and at what age do you apply? also if anyone has any info on the actual application process in Turkey that would be much...
  4. C

    Turkish schooling

    Hi everyone I just wanted to know the basics about turkish schooling... what age do children start school in turkey? do they do equivlent of primary school then juniors? or is it straight onto high school? what exams do they take? also what are the holidays? is it just the long break in...
  5. P

    Schooling in or near Dalaman?

    Hi, i'm brand new to this site and this is my first post so sorry if this has been asked and covered before.. i may be moving to work in Dalaman in the next few months and will be bringing my family. I have two children aged 4 and 2 and wonder if there is any English language schooling available...
  6. Fastlady

    English Schooling in Fethiye

    hi all, (not sure if this has been asked before - I did try a search, but found nothing) Can anyone please explain how the schooling system works in Fethiye for an English child, ie, are there any 'English' schools or are there any provisions made for English students in Turkish schools. The...
  7. J

    Schooling - secondary school ages

    Whilst job hunting I came across an interesting school that uses technology/internet connection to teach to group of secondary school children. I cannot personally recommend, so don't bite my head off if the system is flawed. But I thought it may be worth looking into if you want to move to...
  8. ceemac

    Schooling in Turkey

    Someone made a comment yesterday about problems regarding education for children of ex-pats in Turkey. The following gives a short insight into some choices you may have to face with regard to moving to Turkey with children of school age. 'The attraction of Turkey as a nation for...
  9. H

    schooling problem

    can any one help with this one? there is a stupid English woman (age 42) moved to alanya with her 11 year old daughter, she has taken her out of school and for the last 10 weeks has recieved no education, except in the school of life as her mother seem happy to keep her out till all hours of...
  10. T

    Special Needs Schooling

    Re: Ex-pat life? I dont know if this is the correct thread but a comment re moving permanently to Turkey on another thread has got me thinking!! (not an easy task) The article mentions the comparative lack of things to do in Turkey compared to the UK and I ,personally, unless I was semi retired...
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