1. Tenpin

    News School bus driver shortage in Istanbul spells troubles

    School bus driver shortage in Istanbul spells troubles Parents and students in Istanbul are having a hard time as some 10,000 school buses are now off the roads because the drivers of those...
  2. bickern

    Turkish kid accepted to school for gifted students

    A Turkish student has been accepted to the Edison Regional Gifted Center, a school for gifted students in the U.S., with a full scholarship, for the first time in history. In the school’s admissions exam, from which only 28 successful students were accepted, 3,500 students competed, while...
  3. bickern

    School's skirt ban - Beyond a joke

    The UK is going mad, it really is! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- School's skirt ban: Petition over 'trousers only' rule Students at a Bradford secondary school that has banned pupils from wearing skirts to be gender neutral have started a petition...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish School holidays

    At last someone is beginning to smell the Kahve: Turkey cuts summer break to boost education efficiency - Turkey News I taught in the Turkish system for 4 years, currently the terms are so incredibly long that all teachers and students are jaded several weeks before the end of the semester...
  5. S

    How to get the best flight prices during school holidays

    I would like to know if there is a way to get affordable half board or all inclusive deals to Dalaman region without lying to the school. I'm in London. Monarch is dead. Lowcost holidays is dead but Brexit is well and truly alive with market forces poised to put us all into solitary confinement...
  6. S

    School holiday tv

    As we start the time of year when kids are off on their long hols it takes me back to memories of those summer hols programmes In particular I remember the Bananna Splits But one show I really liked was Robinson Crusoe . However the episodes were actually shown aligned with Britains...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Shoot-out in School Yard

    A total of eight people involved in an exchange of fire in the garden of a primary school in Istanbul were detained on Sept. 6. How can proper police record checks not have been carried out? How can they have guns with them in a school? Who is responsible for checking the quality of the...
  8. A

    Job Vacancy in Ortaca private school as an English Teacher

    Hi dear friends.My colleque iş looking for a native speaker of English for a private school. Plase contact me if you would like to work.My GSM 05363215667.
  9. Spurs

    School trip.

    My daughter is on the Board of Governors at a local junior school outside Derby, the proverbial has hit the fan. They do RE (religious education) &. for a day out the school organised a visit to a Church, Sikh Temple & a Mosque, all well & good. Then the message came from the Mosque & passed...
  10. D

    High school

    I'm wanting to live in fethiye for a year or so but have no idea what school to send my 14 yr old as I'd love for her to attend a school that has English language as first preference as her Turkish isn't the best so I was wondering if there's any family's out there that have moved to Turkey from...
  11. T

    Parents Banned from UK School Governing Boards!

    Why is this government through Nicky Morgan planning on preventing/banning parents from participating in/on school governing boards? Is it to try & hide the increasing privatisation of services & involvement of private funding, the increasing amount of EU propaganda being preached to our...
  12. teosgirl

    Friday prayers for school

    Turkish Education Ministry adopts regulation for time off for Friday prayers - RELIGION More academic school time cut from the curriculum in favour of religion. At least they'll see who's faithful and who's not (and be able to promote accordingly). Although there is opposition to this...
  13. E

    New school year to start Sept. 28

    Turkish schools will begin the new school year on Sept. 28, instead of the previously announced date of Sept. 14, after calls from the tourism sector to postpone schools' opening until after the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday to promote Eid vacations. In a statement on Friday the Education Ministry...
  14. Spurs

    The old school

    I would like to wish Jimmy Greaves & his family all the best. A class player when footballers remembered their roots & felt privileged to play for club & country. Speedy recovery "Greavsey" BBC Sport - Jimmy Greaves: Former England & Spurs striker in intensive care
  15. C

    Any parents with school age children in Fethiye

    Hi, I am busy in the early stages of planning to move our turkish/english family out from The UK to Turkey for a year (2 if all goes well). Fethiye has been recommended to us and I just wondered if there any are parents on this forum who can recommend local (government) schools ? Whether it's...
  16. T

    School in lockdown after shots fired UK

    A school has been placed in emergency lockdown after reports a gunman fired shots at school workmen, police have said. Staff and children at Highcliffe School in Christchurch, Dorset, are being kept inside the building for their own safety, officers said. A police spokesman said the suspect...
  17. W

    How much does it cost to send my child to a state school in Fethiye?

    Hi can anyone outline the weekly cost please? Ie. service , dinner money etc? Thankyou
  18. A

    Primary state school in antalya

    Hi everybody, I am new here, planning to relocate to Antalya from another little town in Turkey in a few months. Need advice regarding good reputation government primary school around Lara or any other nice suburb (not familiar with any of those yet) . Looking for a school which starts in the...
  19. bickern

    school girl charged for sexting

    To be honest I am really mixed up on my views of this. I do see the protection element because we all know what ex-partners can do but if they did put someone on the sexual offenders register I think it a step too far. ------------------------------------------------- Officers warn underage...
  20. Spurs

    School for thought!!!

    Welcome to one of our so called "free schools"...........Hundreds of Thousands in debt but hey as long as the kids get a bit of "radicalisation" who cares? All good & true Brummies by looking at the pictures!!! BBC News - Protest over move to change Birmingham school regime
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