1. rosewall1

    scheduled airlines

    we are rapidly coming to the conclusion that these so called cheap flights are nothing but a myth. Admittedly one or two might be cheaper than scheduled airlines but if you take everything into consideration maybe not so cheap as you think. Firstly baggage allowance and costs. You get a bigger...
  2. G

    Scheduled Flights to Turkey

    Hi, we are currently planning our holiday for this year and will be staying in our Akbuk villa for around 4 weeks in August. Does anyone have any advice on where best to look for cheaper flights, travelling out of any London airport to either Izmir or Bodrum. If your holiday is for more than 2...
  3. D

    BA to start scheduled flights to Izmir next spring

    This news in today's Independent "BA's new European strategy is to abandon short routes where it faces lots of low-cost competition, and to focus on destinations where its inflight service will make a difference - Tirana in Albania, Reykyavik in Iceland, Varna in Bulgaria and Izmir in Turkey...
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