1. suzyq

    Early rate cut scenario sends lira to all-time low

    The Turkish lira weakened to as low as 2.4188 against the US dollar, an all-time low, on Thursday due to expectations that the Central Bank will cut interest rates at an extraordinary Monetary Policy Committee (PPK) meeting to be held as early as next week. The lira fell for the fifth day in a...
  2. A

    AKP won again scenario

    Sozcu Video More pressure new exiles new prohibits / bans unjustice arrests String underpressure to opponents Operation to oppent companies big riot all over the Turkiye Chaos curfew big economical crise blood, fear, tear... Civil war Game over Military corrupt!
  3. E

    Nightmare scenario...

    According to the Times today, cocoa has trebled in price over the last decade, and for a number of reasons (political unrest, climate problems) stocks could be exhausted by 2014!! What should chocoholics do? Stockpile ( some are already doing it) or wean themselves off the dark bean?
  4. ceemac

    Strong quake will decimate Istanbul, new scenario says

    Doesn't bear thinking about... 'A strong earthquake could kill up to 32,000 people if it strikes Istanbul, according to a quake scenario published by the Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate. Like many areas of Turkey, Istanbul lies close to major fault lines and...
  5. R

    Property in Childs name - tax efficient scenario

    Hi I was wondering if there would be any tax advantage in putting a Turkish property in a child's name? My sketchy understanding of Tax laws is that: 0.01% is payable for the property itself (council tax equivalent?); and rental income is taxed at 15% (for upto 7,800 YTL) less 2,300...
  6. chesney


    You're driving a car at a constant speed. On your left is a valley on your right is a fire engine travelling at the same speed as you. In front is a galloping pig which is the same size as your car and you can not overtake. Behind you is a helicoptor flying at ground level. Both the pig and the...
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