1. S

    Scary times

    Big girls big bday next month hitting the massive five zero Asked where on this god forsaken planet she would like to celebrate this milestone and she has chosen surprise there So its double check the tickets are returns time again! Last trip it was like a forced extradition...
  2. Kingfisher


    Watching Theresa May laugh at meat will chill your very soul to the bone... Watching Theresa May laugh at meat will chill your very soul to the bone The Poke
  3. juco

    Rally car, 1 funny,1 scary

    This one loved it: WRC Hyundai i20 flat out over MASSIVE jump - Rally Portugal 2014 - YouTube This one was scared s.......! TRUE FEAR! - Pamela Race Car Launch Control at Baskerville raceway - YouTube
  4. Yalides

    Scary car crashes

    These foreigners don`t mess about with their car crashes....
  5. Yalides

    Scary thought

    Just realised I am old enough to be Saoirse`s father....... If that were ever to have been the case I would have had him put down at a young age for: Not following his fathers advice re politics. Being an argumentative barsteward. Not loving Maggie Thatcher. Being a commie. And worst of all...
  6. arrian

    Scary Elevator!!!!!

    this is funny to watch, but i'm glad it hasn't happened to me!!/photo.php?v=306794686102856
  7. John O' Dreams

    Scary Monsters

    Frankenstein's Monster named top horror movie creature – poll Frankenstein's Monster has been named the top classic horror movie creature in time for Halloween, Belfast Telegraph said. In a poll by SFX magazine, the creation - popularly portrayed with scars, a flat head and a bolt through his...
  8. juco

    scary crosswind landings.

    I just love the skill of those pilots bringing a plane in almost side on in crosswinds. The last couple of clips are scary scary. YouTube - TOP TEN Crosswind and Scary Aircraft Landings
  9. juco

    Funny but scary, climate change

    It does not surprise me, and this the people that are taking climate change decisions................
  10. ceemac

    Scary Toilets

    Would you ever in a thousand years be able to 'go' in these toilets? Well, let me rephrase that - you probably wouldn't be able to 'go' in the first one, but you might not stop going in the second one, a definite cure for constipation!! This is a public toilet in Houston; Now you've seen...
  11. ceemac

    Now This Is Scary....

    All telecoms companies and internet service providers will be required by law to keep a record of every customer's personal communications, showing who they are contacting, when, where and which websites they are visiting. Here C
  12. ceemac

    The Future is Scary...

    All I can say about this developing technology is wow!! - Sixth Sense C
  13. Ms Who

    OMG this is scary

    Type your significant others cellphone number in. Talk about Big Brother!
  14. A

    Apollon Restaurant scary story

    Hi everybody, I am posting this under Annas newid because I have forgotton mine!!!.A bit of a rant I apologise for the long post. As most of you may know already, Anna and I were recently married at the Apollo Temple and had our reception at the Apollon restaurant. When we first...
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