1. bal canavar

    Bomb scare at Sofia airport

    Bomb scare at Sofia airport December 1st, 2015 16:35 Bulgaria's capital of Sofia, authorities announced that there were explosives in a van in front of the airport. Due to the occurrence of suspicious bag in the truck outside the airport, one terminal of Sofia Airport was closed to...
  2. V

    Heathrow gun scare!

    Seems like security is so tight now at Heathrow Airport that a miniature gun attached to the children's toy Woody from Toy Story was confiscated after being seen as a threat! Reach for the sky! Overzealous Heathrow security officials confiscate Toy Story cowboy Woody DOLL'S miniature gun | Mail...
  3. janA

    Villages near Milas Bodrum in rabies scare

    Actual: Mu?la 12 villages rabies scare 12 Villages have been quarantined near Milas after a rabid fox was caught by a shepherd dog and has since died
  4. F

    Bomb scare

    Just had a call from a friend to say there has been a bomb scare in bodrum , been told the bus station was cordoned off because of a suspected bomb in the Pamukale office ! anybody else herd anything ? :animation
  5. Freedom 49

    Bomb scare. Izmir airport.

    Not so long ago, two of my elderly customers had to return to Britain for a funeral because a relative had died. Their son had been out to visit them some months before and brought them a computer to use until such a time as they bought their own. Having now bought one, they repacked the son's...
  6. Tommie

    Second Qantas jet in engine scare

    There has been another Quantas jumbo jet in trouble again, only a day after the previous one. More details here
  7. ceemac

    Scare Force One!

    Can you believe the US Defence Dept did something this stupid and insensitive all in the name of a photo opportunity? New Yorkers were petrified, particularly those working in the high rise buildings. Read about it here - Sights & Sounds Nobody In Manhattan Wants to Experience...
  8. Andy

    Cadbury's Chocolate Scare

    News just in 1 million bars of chocolate have been taken off the shelves in the UK as there is a fear they may contain SAMLONELLA. :w00t: People who eat them will get flu symptoms and a Puckering bottom as pointed out by our Bryan. :lol: And NO Pennie it's nothing to do with FISH ? :lol:
  9. gater5050

    bomb scare altinkum

    hi my wife, kids and mother are in Altinkum at the moment and said that two men have been arrested in the bar next to the Triton with a bomb and that people were kept in the Triton until it was over - thats all the info i have at present this was yesterday when i here more i will let you know...
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