1. staceman

    Military checks time scale

    Hi all can anyone give me an idea how long we should expect to wait for military checks to be done in the Fethiye area. Thanks Nick:42:
  2. C

    1/12th scale dollshouses!

    Hello. I am a new member, I live near Marmaris. I have a a dolls house collection that I would like to downsize. Would anyone like to buy a 1/12th scale dolls house, built and partially decorated? Several to chose from. Please email, if you are interested. !!
  3. B

    Sliding scale sitesi fee

    I am looking for a fair differential in Sitesi fees between villas & apartments at the moment we all pay the same amount. Our complex is made up with 8 Villas & 12 apartments We have a full time gardener / maintenance man. The Sitesi external lighting is paid by the Sitesi. The pool is in my...
  4. M

    Lime scale

    How can I shift it? It is not so thick it can be scraped off but enough to look a mess.
  5. K

    water scale reducer info please

    Does anybody know were we can buy a COMBIMATE CISTERMISER LIME SCALE REDUCER as we have been told this would solve the problem of lime scale build up coming into our property and shorting lifespan on kettles. washers. shower heads, and taps etc: We know we can get them in the UK for £123.00p but...
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