1. D

    Old Proverbs & Sayings.

    The Irish Wake.. Lead Cups were often used to drink Ale or Whisky from. The combination would sometimes Knock the imbibers out for a Couple of Days. Someone, walking along the road would take them for Dead and prepare them for Burial. They were laid out on the Kitchen Table for a Couple of...
  2. A

    The Origin of English Sayings

    My partner Mike often says to me ... And Bob's Your Uncle! ... so I just wondered what the origin of that was and looked it up on the Internet = This expression is mainly used in Britain. It is often used immediately after a set of simple instructions and roughly means the same as '... and...
  3. S

    Old sayings sometimes true

    A lot of people dont believe old sayings but I am not so sure. For example- Every dog has its day Well we got a dog for Xmas last year, got bored with it and had it put down on boxing day.... Spookey eh
  4. B

    Old sayings

    My gran used to trot out unending old sayings which I found annoying and never believed- until now. \" every dog has its day\" she often said. Well, we got a pup for Christmas, got bored with it and had it put down on boxing day- spooky, gran was so right after all!!
  5. bobthenob

    Confusing Sayings

    What do you think of these common sayings.Can you think of any sayings that doesn't make sense to you. Here are a few of them1/You get what you pay for. l have to disagree with that saying since more often then not you are paying for something that has been deliberately inflated for sinister...
  6. arrian

    old fashioned sayings

    just been watching 'Last of the summer wine' and one of the characters said 'well, i'll go to our house' well, we use to say 'i'll go to the foot of our stairs' and another was ' what's that got to do with the price of fish' what did they mean??!! they don't make sense! anyone else have any...
  7. peter the postie

    Where do old sayings come from

    Ever heard an old saying or phrase and wondered what the hell it was supposed to mean? I found a nice site with some interesting explanations. ie: Son of a gun ...After sailors had crossed the Atlantic to the West Indies, they would take the native women on board the ship and have their way...
  8. Ms Who

    Contradictory Sayings

    While I was on my hands and knees cleaning my floors yesterday I was mumbling to myself "A womans work is never done". As they do, my mind started wandering, If "a womans work is never done" and "there is no rest for the wicked", does that mean all women are wicked!! Nah, I dont think so...
  9. P

    Annoying sayings or cliches

    What saying or cliche annoys you,the one being over exposed at the moment,in my opinion,which a lot of dim wits have obviously just heard and think it's cool to use is, MULTI-TASKING, why? why? why? How could I miss "sick as a parrot"
  10. Susan

    Sayings on T-SHIRTS

    T-SHIRTS (Around a picture of dandelions): I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won. So Many Women, So Few Who Can Afford Me God Made Us Sisters; Prozac Made Us Friends If They Don't Have Chocolate in Heaven, I Ain't Going. My Mother Is a Travel Agent for Guilt Trips I Just Do What the...
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