1. butt007

    HSBC Premier Savings limit

    Got an email from HSBC yesterday Friday. To stay as a premier customer the minimum amount you have in the account has been raised to 250,000liras starting from Jan 4th 2021. It was 150,00liras from January this year, when it went up 50,000liras, so it has gone up with a big jump. I suppose with...
  2. J

    bank savings interest rates

    what are the interest rates on savings in the garanti bank at the moment for turkish lira for 12 months
  3. A

    Savings Accounts in Turkey

    Hello, Those who have holiday homes' do any of you use savings accounts in Turkey? We have noticed that people talk a lot about high interest on these accounts. We understand the risks associated with the conversion of currency should you pay a large amount of money in. How does this savings...
  4. bickern

    EU to scrap daylight savings

    About time too, I hope UK follows. At least the remoaners wont be able to whinge if the UK does do it. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The EU is set to end the practice of switching between summer and winter time after a survey found most EU citizens are...
  5. S

    Husbands rights, to my savings following marriage?

    Any advice, please? When I marry my Turkish boyfriend, what rights will he then have to any savings or property that are currently held in my name, either in Turkey or the UK? (My Mum has heard that under Turkish law, anything I own will automatically become his when we marry, and is worried...
  6. niyaz

    savings account in dalaman

    Good morning , I want to put 100 lira in a savings account. Will I get charged by the bank every so often with their fees. I am in dalaman. Thanks.
  7. D

    Health Insurance and savings

    Hi I am planning to apt for residency next year, at first will be living with my Fiances parents then renting home. Can anyone recomend health insurance? I am on a bit of a budget as I would of only just turned 18! Also does my money need to be in a Turkish bank? And can I show savings from...
  8. A

    Interest Rates on Savings Now?

    Does anybody know what the interest rate is on a monthly TL savings account at Yapi Kredi bank now please?
  9. P

    Which currency Turkish people keep their savings in?

    I read years ago, turks don't save in tl. Was it dollars? I know they all wanted paid in sterling years ago. Maybe someone might know what the majority do.
  10. N

    high interest instant access savings accounts uk

    hi all does any body no of any high interest instant access savings accounts uk checked money super market etc worth a ask thanks in advance
  11. P

    E savings account

    Has anybody had any trouble using Garanti E savings account. I have been informed I will get more interest if we close our original account and open new one online E savings account. I would like a bit more info first before we decide and thanks in advance.:roundgrin
  12. N

    Tax on Savings in Turkey

    Don’t no if this topic has already been mentioned only changed about three months ago , New tax information on savings in turkey if you tie your money up for just over six months you only pay 12 percent tax and if you tie your money up for 1 year and a day you only pay 10 percent tax instead...
  13. rosal

    Best High Interest Savings Rates

    Has anyone got the up to date best rates for 31 day accounts ? We are coming out to Turkey tonight and will need to sort out our accounts.
  14. C


    hi if one had savings of lets say £40,000 in high interest account how much money monthley would they get, and is it possible to live of ones interest or is that to much of risk.
  15. K

    savings and living on interest

    ok here go,s a poll to see how much people have in savings to live off the interest hopefully it will all be anonemouse , lets not get bogged down with smoking and drinking and cars :-) and we are talking about just using interest to live off not capitol feel free to add further to the thread...
  16. M

    understanding interest on savings

    good afternoon all i wonder if you can help me understand how much interest i would get on my savings there in turkey ie. the way i see it if i had 100,000.00 GBP in garranti bank transfered to turkish lira at a rate of 2.80 (280,000.00tl) giving me say 10% the interest earned per month would...
  17. L

    Whats the best way to maximise my savings?

    I am planning to move out to Turkey in the next 12 months. I will have some savings which i want to ensure i get the best rate of interest with. So looking if anyone knows of the best uk and turkish accounts i could open? or if anyone knows of any other schemes for investment. Have considered...
  18. L

    Any1 best account to have for savings pls?

    Looking for an account which gives the best interest rate of my savings should i sell my home and move to Turkey. Many thanks L
  19. M

    interest on savings

    good morning all, can anyone please clarify/put me right on savings and interest please, am i right in saying if i had savings of £100,000.00 put into a turkish bank earning 9.5% less tax would it be as below:-...
  20. djmagic


    hi there can anyone offer any advice please. i am looking to move to turkey around xmas time..... i will have approx £40,000 to put into a bank. how do i transfer from bank in england do i bank the money as tyl or £... on a 31 day saving account when is the interest paid. i am looking at taking...
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