1. suzyq

    Daylight saving to continue

    The Turkish government intends to continue with daylight saving time this year, deputy prime minister said Thursday. Bekir Bozdağ said: "As the government we favor continuing daylight saving time as it is." The Council of State, Turkey's highest administrative court, on Wednesday, had ordered...
  2. N

    E saving with deniz bank

    Does anybody do e savings with deniz bank if So is it user friendly can you change TL to Stirling Transphere money back to uk etc etc.
  3. newhorizon

    Saving Facebook videos

    Does anyone know if one can save a video on Facebook to your own computer? I don't mean Youtube videos and so forth, just a self made videos not using any websites. I know I can save, share, tag etc videos within facebook account and retreive them only within Facebook, but what about external...
  4. K

    Saving the cats - import rules to UK

    Hi, Anyone fully understand the UK customs laws around importing cats? I'm trying to find out if I can take them with a third country certificate, if its stamped by an approved vet. But no where, I mean no where is there a definitive list of third countries so is Turkey in or out? Also, is a...
  5. bal canavar

    Saving Turkish kids from Gays and Christian's

    What do you think of the new initiative from the AKP led government? Deputy prime minister Mr Bekir Bozdag has instructed Turkish representatives to the European Union to launch a campaign to retrieve all Turkish children taken into care and then given to same sex partners or to christian...
  6. suzyq

    Family forced out of dream home after lawyers run off with their £400,000 live saving

    After finding their dream home, Gary Humphris and his family were delighted when their £400,000 cash offer was accepted. They moved into the four-bedroom property – complete with sauna, swimming pool and games room – straight away, and Mr Humphris set about spending the remaining £70,000 of...
  7. K

    Energy Saving Device

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of a unit called Airconosense which is designed to switch off air conditioning units if no movement is detected in a room for a pre-set period? It looks like they could save a fortune in electricity but we did wonder if they work as well as they claim and how...
  8. N

    Saving Street Dog Bella

    Bella .. an 18mth old turkish street dog, * I first met Bella at the Didim shelter where she was waiting to be spayed.. on my next visit, she was rather drowsy , now spayed and fitted with the municipality eartag, once fully recovered she would be returned to the place where she had been...
  9. T

    A/C energy saving controls

    Hi Has anyone successfully introduced any form of control on A/C to help keep the cost down. Particularly interested in retro fit without unsightly cables. No problem while we are using the place ourselves but we rent it out and some guests seem to feel they have paid enough to allow them to do...

    Turkey just has to be different !.

    Turkey switches to summer time one day later 11 March 2011, Friday / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL The Cabinet has decided to move daylight saving time -- when clocks are moved forward one hour to make better use of daylight -- one day later because 1.5 million students will take a...
  11. newhorizon

    Use of approved experiments using animals to study life saving medicines

    A hugely debated topic, but how do you feel about the use of animals in laboratory controlled environment (e.g. laboratory -rats, mice) if it helped save a life (human)? I realise majority are against animal testing for cosmetic purposes and all leading brands " claim" they have not tested on...
  12. shirleyanntr

    saving bottle tops school project

    My friend just sent me the following email.....she lives in Avsallar but if any of you from Mahmutlar to Avsallar and anywhere between could save your tops we would could arrange a place to collect them. this is really good to see schools getting involved in projects like this and so lets give...
  13. M

    Email Saving

    Back in January, Juco very kindly explained to me how to save emails from Outlook Express onto my external hard drive. All worked 100%. However, for some reason I have found that over the last month or so, emails to and from Turkey are not getting through with Outlook Express. So I have now...
  14. arrian

    saving e-mails, help please

    i have sent myself 2 e-mails taken from newspaper articles, and as i don't have a printer, will have to wait until i go to town and print them off at the library. however, i am sure there is a way to save them apart from keeping them in the e-mail section, but i haven't a clue, would someone be...
  15. C

    Saving money if you have to print

    Here are some helpful ideas! Here's a legal way to print money: change the font - Yahoo! News
  16. ceemac

    Free energy saving bulbs 'cost £45'

    Each household has ended up paying £45 for the free energy saving light bulbs that have been sent to them by their electricity supplier, according to a leading watchdog. Here C
  17. ceemac

    Daylight saving time to begin on March 28

    Daylight saving time in Turkey will begin on March 28. Clocks will be set one hour ahead at 3:00 a.m. on March 28 for making use of day light in order to save energy. Here C
  18. D

    Sterling saving account

    can anyone tell me how these sterling accounts work?-i have been advised i can get 7,50apr on savings using a sterling account--i am concerned at the moment of bringing in gbp because of the poor exchange rate at the moment-will this be a hedge against this problem?-its with isbankasi
  19. N

    Saving Grace - Abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Altinkum.

    This is Grace : Isnt she a beauty ? She is affectionate , healthy , slightly timid ( who can blame her ) . Right now she is being cared for at the neuter and release center. We need a very special person or family to care for Grace, one who will show her love and care for the rest of her...
  20. M

    Saving information

    I have what I suppose is a desktop computer, although it is a full sized tower and sits under my desk, with the printer, keyboard and monitor on the desk. The tower has six slots on the front for the various add-ons and five USB connections as well as three USB ports on the back. I have tried...
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