1. bickern

    Monkey Saves Another Monkey's life

    This Monkey Fell Down After being Caught By High voltage Current monkey loss his senses he fainted.after that another monkey copmes and save his life. This incident happens in Kanpur india on 20 December 2014. "That was a monkey doctor at work. Jumped down there, checked his buddy's breathing...
  2. beyazbayan

    Ankara saves the day

    Plane carrying 300 people plunges 5,000ft while pilot took a nap and co-pilot was 'working' on her tablet Read more: Jet Airways plane dropped 5,000ft while pilot was napping | Mail Online
  3. bickern

    House Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

    Hero House Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack - Today Show - May 15 2014 - YouTube Go cat go. Love it.
  4. John LeNeve

    AIDS virus saves cancer patients

    This is an amazing medical breaktrhough. They have managed to take the invasive parts of the AIDS virus and splice it with the cancer killing parts of other molecules and make a cure for cancer. A girl suffering with terminal cancer is now in complete remission. Amazing See attached...
  5. Yogi

    Balotelli saves boy from Bullying

    PR stunt or true?? Probably got a red card in training and had some free time! ------------------- Manchester City star Mario Balotelli has become an unlikely hero after rescuing a bullied schoolboy from his tormentor. The Italian striker was asked for an autograph by the young fan at City's...
  6. david & emma

    T.L.F. Saves?

    As Mushtaq as just upgraded the forum, and there are a few ideas knocking around on another thread (forum blocked last night) on how we could raise money by way of donation etc. I just thought it would be nice for everyone involved with the forum ie. Mushtaq as admin. the moderators, and us the...
  7. Pygmallion

    ‘Angel’ saves man’s life

    Voices Newspaper reports A BRITISH woman used lifesaving skills learned from watching TV hospital dramas to prevent a man dying after he suffered a suspected heart attack in Didim. Mr Phillip Smith, 54, from Gould, in Yorkshire, was being driven to a chemist by Seahorse Residence estate...
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