1. Yalides

    Money saver

    After years of research, Dutch scientists have discovered that humans evolved biological mechanisms that can allow them to suppress feelings of disgust during intercourse. They could have saved themselves all that effort and just interviewed Coleen Rooney.
  2. Andy

    Free Water Saver

    Free Water Saving Devices Saving water isn't only for times of drought; we cannot afford to waste this precious resource at any time. To help save water many companies in the UK offer free devices to be placed in your toilet cistern, meaning that you use less water every time you flush. If you...
  3. shirleyanntr

    wallpaper/screen saver

    my young neighbour has wrongly put some small pictures on his scree and now he cant get them off..these are in addition the the main pic..any ideas how to clean the screen please before dad gets home and i do know how to change the main pics! :lol:
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