1. Camden

    Turkish Military may save British Steel

    The Turkish Military pension fund Ataer a subsidiary of Oyak, is the favorite, to be the savior of British Steel, and save 4,000 British jobs .... of course with a £300 million incentive thrown from the UK money tree... The good thing apart from the saving of 4000 jobs is Ataer want to...
  2. bickern

    Elephants managed to save a drowning calf

    This well cheered me up when I saw it. Pair of adults elephants hurried to baby's aid and guided it to safety in incredible footage - YouTube Amazing how they react.
  3. christella

    god save our queen


    Save me from new years eve

    If there is one night in the year I truly detest it has to be the fake happiness of New Years Eve. The air of anticipation,the out with the old and in with the new, wrapped up in aul lang syne is enough to make me puke,honestly it really just does my head in. So to morrow evening I will fire...
  5. N

    Save yourself the heartache and avoid the Cigdem Family

    In 2006, together with many others from the UK I purchased an off plan villa in Kusadasi, Turkey from a gentleman by the name of Ken Cigdem from Rugby. This was going to be our dream home, the place where we would retire and spend the rest of our remining years there. All my dealings were made...
  6. E

    Please save the words

    Hi everyone, My name is Slobodan Eftimovski and live in the city of Nis in Serbia. Turkey has historically been an integral part and left a lasting impact on our lives. In this way we enrich culture, gastronomy, traditions and even vocabulary. Many Turkish words have entered common usage in...
  7. Spurs

    Save the children

    But not in Pakistan. Pakistan orders Save the Children to leave country - BBC News :62yd:
  8. S

    Save Kissebükü

    Another of our beautiful bays under threat. Please click and read and sign if you agree that we need to leave some nature between all these massive hotels. BacktoBodrum: Kissebükü - A Memory
  9. D

    Save Kayakoy from destruction.

    There will be a picnic among the ruins of Kayakoy on the 19th of October. NOON. Please attend with your food and drink and if you have a musical instrument [and can play it] please bring it along. We want hundreds. Please take your picnic leftovers and empty cans/bottles away with you.
  10. D

    Save Kayakoy

    Anyone who cares about the future of Kayakoy is urged to sign the petition at the following link.
  11. Mushtaq

    Why that smelly fart could save your life

    NEXT time you catch a whiff of a particularly smelly fart, maybe you should thank the offender for saving your life. Although the odour has a reputation for being disgusting, Britain’s University of Exeter has discovered that in the right doses, hydrogen sulfide can help cure a range of...
  12. M

    Save Iztuzu Platform

    After the meeting in which Prof. Yakup Kaska presented DEKAMER's building plans, a Platform has been formed that will fight the plans in court. Since the professor accuses the Platform of spreading wrong information, the Platform has written a statement, which explains in detail what we (do not)...
  13. bickern

    God save our gracious Queen

    God save our gracious Queen
  14. peter the postie

    Petition to help save more Dolphin deaths

    Two dolphins are dead after the Connyland themepark in Switzerland allowed a two-day rave to take place just a few yards from their tank. The pair died agonizing, drawn-out deaths, seizing and foaming at the mouth. Veterinarians now say their deaths were likely caused by the ear-splitting music...
  15. teosgirl

    divorcee 53 in bid to save Turkish toyboy

    Divorcee, 53, in bid to save her Turkish toy boy from deportation after he outstayed his visa | Mail Online Haven't stopped laughing yet.... Charlotte
  16. H

    Save the saddest dolphins...

    Sorry, I know that this is not the right forum, they don't need adoption but to be set free. I hope that the moderators can move the post where ever it belongs. Could we have some general sub-forum for Animals? Avaaz - Save the Saddest Dolphins
  17. raven

    Book to save animals, nature and the poor written by Turkish Student

    Hi I thought this was inspirational and thought I should share this article. Tolga Babür, a 16-year-old high school student, has started a charity project for what he calls the three fundamental aspects of the world, by making use of global online hotel booking giant’s affiliate...
  18. cokdeli

    Save My Holiday BBC1

    I watched the above programme this morning and I just want to let off a bit of steam about how stupid people can be. One family holidayed in Greece in August with a son who suffered from breathing problems. When they booked the holiday they checked to see if the rooms had air conditioning...
  19. juco

    Save money on batteries.

    Battery hack. YouTube - 12 Volt Battery Hack!
  20. N

    CORONATION Street star Helen Worth is trying to save two dolphins from a tiny Turkish

    CORONATION Street star Helen Worth is trying to save two dolphins from a tiny Turkish swimming pool where they are kept to entertain Brit tourists Read more: Coronation Streets’ Helen Worth attempts to save dolphins in Turkey | The Sun |Showbiz|TV|Soaps
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