1. S

    Sausages and bacon

    Hi, was wondering if Migros has sausages or bacon in yet? Regards Mark
  2. A

    Fresh Bacon and Sausages at nearby Farm

    In case those of you in the Side/Manavgat area don't know - you can get bacon and sausages at the Ostrich Farm in Manavgat as it is, in fact, a pig farm but they cannot advertise it as such because they don't want to offend the local Muslims. The farm is an excellent day out for both adults...
  3. butt007

    Pig farm and sausages

    A group of us (35) today went up to Manavgat to a pig farm, apart from the pigs there are Ostrich, Emu, Lama etc on show, however they also sell pork chops, sausages, bacon, ham, cheese, and so on, it's the first timeI have been there and found it to be a nice few hours out. Had a nice...
  4. bodrumchic


    Oops I did it again. Have promised a curious Turkish friend (and more importantly - potential boyf material :dance: ) a full English breakfast one morning during Bayram but having trouble tracking down proper pork sausages (rather than the rubbish in the supermarkets). I know they're around but...
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