1. S

    The Sausage King

    Just read on Facebook about Greg, must be a hoax surely, was he not moving to Thailand? Our thoughts are with his family if it's true. Sara
  2. thingthong

    Sausage King

    Is the sausage king of bodrum ,still operating?I'd love to order some sausages or a BBQ pack? Any websit or phone number would be appreciated. Thingthong
  3. mollag

    Lorne sausage

    I recently made up a batch of lorne sausage, couldnt be more pleased with the result, essentially it is beef mince, pork sausage meat and oatmeal! I will be making this again, anyone interested i can post the formula. :nosepick:
  4. rosewall1

    Goodwill Sausage King

    After 4 years of trading I have decided to kill off the Sausage King, so if any one is interested in the goodwill of a great ongoing business with all the training then please contact me for full details. If interested PM me
  5. Yalides

    Sausage roll recipe a la Diane

    Nothing to it! I used 5 sausages skinned, does not matter what type. Put these into a bowl mix with teaspoon of chili flakes or turkish biber flakes, teaspoon of mixed herbs, teaspoon or 2 of sage and onion stuffing dry and a little freshly milled black pepper, a little salt if required. Make...
  6. Yalides

    Sausage rolls

    Di has just made a job lot of sausage rolls. Not sharing with anyone.....
  7. rosewall1

    The Sausage King

    Just thought you might be interested to see what number one son, Greg, is up to. Hopefully you will be able to see the writeup that has just been put in Today's Zaman Expat Zone, a Turkish Newspaper. He has been open for a week now and although going slowly at the moment, there has been a lot...
  8. rosewall1

    Passionflower to Sausage King

    I wonder if anyone else has such a widely travelled plant as my passionflower. It originated in the UK in my sister in laws garden. She took a cutting to her villa in france, we had a holiday there and I was so impressed with the plant that I took a cutting, put it in a bottle of water, wedge it...
  9. ted j

    Can You See The Sausage

    If You're at You're Comp, Put Your Index Fingers Together, (About A Foot Away From The Screen ) , Then Look At My Avatar. Well, Can You See The Sausage? ( Try Moving Your Fingertips Apart, It Floats) . Ted:36329ht5b
  10. the sausage king

    The Sausage King goes National

    Just had a turkish customer contact me to say that there is a write up about my business in 15th Octobers Hurriyet I have had a look and not found it in english so if anyone finds anything please let me know
  11. the sausage king

    the sausage king is back

    Hi everyone just a quick hello to let you all know that operations are back in full swing and all is well. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
  12. rosewall1

    Sausage King Happy Birthday

    Well Greg the clock has gone round yet again, trouble is it also makes me a year older, so my son happy birthday, have a really great day, stay sober - well try. All our love and best wishes, Mum and Col :larf:
  13. rosewall1

    Sausage King Lives

    I would like to thank all of you who have sent Greg good wishes during his recent illness. We have had a lung cancer scare and Greg did go back to the UK to try to get it sorted, however, eventually the hospital saw him and told him to go to his doctor in a week or so. Needless to say by this...
  14. luckycat68

    Where were you Sausage King ??

    Well after closing our restaurant early today due to the downpours of rain in Yalikavak we decided to go to The Tempo in Gumbet for the carvery that Greg ( sausage ) was advertising But NO Greg and NO carvery !! What happened ??:62yd:
  15. the sausage king

    News and a challenge from the sausage king

    Hi everyone, firstly I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, right thats done, my news is that I have taken over the catering operation in one of the largest Restaurants and bars in the Bodrum area, we are creating an English club with the angle of fun food and festivities. One of the first...
  16. the sausage king

    Sausage Kings Carvery This Weekend

    Hi everyone, Thank you one and all for the lovely birthday messages and just to let you all now I am now back on form and raring for this weeks carvery. Here is the menu, any further questions either PM me or contact me through my website, by the way yes I have got the wild boar and she is...
  17. rosewall1

    Happy birthday Sausage King

    Happy birthday to my son whom I am very proud of. He works hard and deserves the success he is having. Good one Greg :42mb:
  18. no-nem

    sausage road show

    When are you bringing the sausage road show to Kus for a tasting?
  19. the sausage king

    Sausage party!!!

    I am looking for a suitable venue to hold my next free sausage tasting party, would any restauranteur with an open mind please contact me for further info, this is a long term venture with many viable offshoots, I look forward to hearing from you.
  20. the sausage king

    Sausage party Saturday 9th June 2pm

    On Saturday 9th of June Calis will be holding its first sausage party to be held at 2pm at The Forum Hotel (chez Heidi's n Russ) and restaurant in Calis Please tell everyone as i will be laying out a free buffet of sausages and many other items, come and try a few of my wares. If you dare why...
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