1. Tenpin

    News SpaceX to launch Turkey's 1st indigenous communications satellite

    SpaceX to launch Turkey's 1st indigenous communications satellite Turkey's first indigenous communications satellite Turksat 6A, which is planned to be completed in 2022, will be...
  2. Tony07

    Satellite Internet

    Does anybody have this in the Guzelcamli area? My internet is rubish so I would like to get something a bit more reliable. Any info on cost packages etc would be most welcome. :hail:
  3. M

    Satellite Dish

    We have a Ross satellite system which we purchased outright. Over 1400 channels, so quite adequate for us! The dish that came with the system is a quite large metal one. It started rusting in the middle a year or so ago, and I was advised by the company to get up and paint it! Easier said...
  4. G

    Satellite size

    Back to Turkey and Alicati in September armed with my quad lnb and satellite motor,so the question is what size dish and what could I hope to see with a 1m dish?It's pretty windy here and it will be mounted on the wall on the roof hopefully it will stay up there and the wall too.Yes I'd like...
  5. S

    Satellite Internet

    When I arrived in Dalyan 2 weeks ago I had no phone line or internet. The contract is not in my name so I asked the Turkish person who's name its in to ring. Anyway the same day I was up and running. One week later same again, no phone line or internet. The fault has been reported and 3 days...
  6. Jaycey

    Satellite Killer?

    A mysterious Russian space object could be the return of the ‘satellite killer’ ... "There was a time, not too long ago, when some of the world’s brilliant rocket scientists didn’t think of space as something to conquer, nor monetize, nor explore — but as a means to make war… This satellite...
  7. W

    Digital satellite receiver

    I am in the market to buy a new digital satellite tv receiver as my current one is approx 6 years old. My mate gets freeview German TV channels and various Italian and German sports channels inc Eurosport and I am looking for a receiver which is good enough to get the same. I know it also...
  8. Mushroom

    Best basic satellite TV package in Turkey??

    Having had Digiturk as a basic package for about 5 years and seeing the number of useful channels reducing, I am looking for another provider. We are not prolific TV watchers when in Turkey but it is often just appreciated to being able to watch the news or some other English speaking programs...
  9. Andrew and Mary

    Ufuk Hillside on Satellite

    For anyone that is interested Ufuk Hillside shows on the Yandex.Haritalar satellite website. There is also a version of street view so you can actually 'walk' around Akbuk too!!!!! Good fun...good fun!!! M :-)
  10. Spike

    Internet via satellite

    Anyone got this in Turkey? If so, would appreciate any info on suppliers, dish size, costs, etc. Thanks
  11. A

    Satellite Tv

    How much does it cost to have satellite tv installed. And how much does it cost each month.
  12. M

    Satellite TV Program Receiver System

    Does anyone knows a shop or man to repair/setup satellite tv reciever system Should be from Bodrum or area Thanks mia
  13. O

    Satellite dish installer wanted in Bahcesehir/Istanbul area

    Hello I need someone to advise me on a suitable dish size for receiving a signal from the co-located Nilesat and Atlantic Bird 4a satellites at 7 degrees W, and to supply and install this dish and help me get set up with my Humax AD Sports/Al Jazeera sports subscription. I've studied the...
  14. T

    Satellite Installer needed in Bodrum and Kusadasi areas.

    Does anyone have the number of a satellite dish installer in bodrum and kusadasi please
  15. the bueman

    Broadband Via Satellite

    Anyone know if Satellite broadband would work to give full WiFi coverage on our complex, perhaps one or more installed and positioned to give full WiFi coverage, we have 660 properties spread over a 1/2 mile radius. Our cabling is not adequate and would need upgrading at a cost of 60,000 Lira...
  16. W

    Wanted - Table Tennis Table + Satellite Dish + Hammock :)

    Hi All, I wonder if you could all help please. I have just bought a villa in Ovacik and wanted the above items - a Table tennis table (strange requests I know), a satellite dish and receiver as the previous owners took theirs. I also would like a hammock if anhyone has one. I could get...
  17. superpp

    Blackbox 500 Satellite Receiver

    Hi, For sale satellite receiver, it's a Blackbox 500. This is a new linux based receiver based on the classic dreambox 500s. Loaded with latest software. Only 2 months old. Box is in UK so ideal for anyone to take out to Turkey. £50 including UK postage.
  18. M

    5 Metre Satellite Dish

    Serious and sensible offers invited for 5 mtr satellite dish - enables Sky so I'm told. Mounted on substantial metal framework - buyer to arrange removal and transport. Best offer by next Saturday secures. Call Bryan in Ovacik. Home 0252 6167437. Mobile 0531 0850869.
  19. D

    Satellite TV - English programmes

    Hello everyone! We are hoping to move to the Fethiye area from the UK sometime next year. I am Chris 61 yrs & Husband Jim 64yrs, although a bit nervous about about taking the leap, we have been to the area on holiday and fallen in love with it. We were just discussing whether it's possible...
  20. S

    Utility and satellite payment

    Due to Kaya homes not agreeing so pay my utility and satellite bills as I complained about the maintenance on green apart I need a way of paying so I don't get turned off, can you pay at post office or is there a company that will pay bills, so beware even if you have been promised work to be...
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