1. D

    Satelite Digiturk or VPN access?

    Me and my Turkish partner have just moved into a new apartment and looking into tv & internet packages. However, I don't really watch tv and if I do its only English channels and neither does my partner, so is it really worth us paying for digiturk and a satelite dish and just pay for...
  2. U

    Satelite TV and Internet in Yalikavak

    First I'm wondering about the availability of Satelite TV . -Is there a Satelite TV shop in Yalikavak ? -Is SKY TV available in Turkey and are there HD channels ? -If SKY TV is not viable what other Setelite reception is there -As for Internet how are the speeds , what's the average BPS and...
  3. H

    nilesat satelite

    does anyone have idea ıf ı can watch nile sat from istanbul and ıf yes does anyoen kwow how.. i asked few offices who are satelıtle receiver workers and they had no idea.. so i dont know i asked 4 dıffrent men and they all have no idea. thank you
  4. L

    Which satelite is best.

    I spend about 2 to 3 months a year in the Akbuk area,pound for pound on service what would be the best satelite system to buy,from scratch.I have read several threads on this but I am still none the wiser.I know that various factors come into play but how much will a good basıc package that will...
  5. C

    Satelite TV

    Hi all, Can anybody tell me if its possible to receive UK Sky on satelite in Turkey?? Don't want to miss the football,:cheers: you know? Thanks Colin
  6. whirley

    TomTom Satellite Navigation In Turkey

    hi peeps we have just returned from three weeks in calkaya antalya and before we left we purchased a TomTom sat nav and also a Turkish satelite map. this made our visit and the use of our hire car an absolute pleasure, i knew which lane to be in (even though nobody else did LOL), we found...
  7. L

    satelite tv in the area

    does anyone know what the best deal for installation of satelite tv is in the area? would only be using it when on holiday so dont want pay monthly - is there such a thing as freeview in turkey? i would like to be able to have news and maybe kids channels.
  8. K

    Sky Satelite Dish

    sky dish 2m with new LNB used for full sky package ie films sport sky one etc. In fethiye first 300tl Mark 0252 6136492
  9. K

    Sky Satelite Dish

    For sale 2m sat dish with new LNB as been used for sky sports ,news, sky movies sky one etc. No longer equired bargain 400TL near Fethiye. tel Mark 02526136492
  10. Rainey

    TV liscence and tv satelite packages

    Can some one please tell me, do you have to buy a tv liscence there like you do in the UK, if you do how much is it please? Can some one please help me also about how much a basic satelite payment is per month with a few english cahnnels on it, I dont understand the digiturk website to see the...

    satelite receivers

    hi All Has anyone had got the satelite receiver promised by Mese, I forgot to put it on my snag list. Regards eve
  12. Talkinman

    Portable Satelite System

    I have seen a portable Satelite system for sale in Maplins the Electronics store. I wonder if this type of system has been tried by anyone in Turkey and if so what was the result. I would appreciate any feedback!!
  13. J

    Satelite tv reception in Dalaman

    We have bought a property on white rock,hoping to install a dish,2m or 3m to receive the astra sat.Is the anybody out there who has maneged to receive sky,would like to here how u have got on
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