1. R

    Best satalite box to buy to receive UK channels

    We have just arrived in Didim and looking to buy satellite box to receive UK ITV And BBC channels to view our favourite programmes. Can any one recommend a company or person who can install and set up for us. There is no WiFi in the complex so IPTV not an option as yet. A simple digi box at a...
  2. tylerbabe

    2 meter satalite dish for sale

    Hd box with 3 months C line left and a 2 meter satalite dish for sale :biggrin:
  3. hayabusa

    Satalite TV Installler - Koycegiz area.

    Hi All, I have a new property in Koycegiz, and want a Satalite TV installed. Does anyone know of a Installer in the area who carries out this installation work ?.... Thanks & Regards, Hayabusa.
  4. G

    satalite TV card

    Hi all I am looking at purchasing a card to go into my satalite receiver box, idealy would just like to make a one of payment but would like to have English programs and films,or pay every couple of months. Bit of a cheap skate i do not want to pay to much for it!! As we only come out to Yali...
  5. G

    Satalite Dish..English speaking channels

    Hi I bought in Altinkum and would like to know about satalite services with engligh speaking channels...what are available and prices?..who is best to buy from[/B]
  6. O

    Satalite tv

    Could anyone recommend a satellite system that gives me more British channels? As the one I have only gives me BBC Prime and 24Hr News. I have a home in Akbuk.
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