1. the bueman

    SAT NAV on your Phone

    Hi Guys Came across this app while looking for a replacement Sat Nav for a friend who had his swiped. I like the idea of this and I am wondering has anyone installed or used this app or something similar they could recommend.....I use a Garmin Nuvi with Lifetime Updates and maps UK & Ireland...
  2. N

    Anyone got a 110 or 120 cm sat dish for sale

    Has anyone got a 110 or 120 cm sat fish for sale.
  3. I

    Sat. Dish for sale

    2mt tv sat. dish for sale bodrum. 300 lira
  4. christella

    sat nav

    got to be the cheapest i have seen just bought one 7" Truck GPS Navigation Lorry Coach SAT NAV 4GB HGV LGV UK EU Map POI SpeedCam | eBay
  5. christella

    sat nav

    just had to share this got to be one of the cheapest and best sat nav from china only took 6 days to get here had a problem getting the turkish map emailed them and got all the european maps and turkey read the reviews Sat Nav with Multimedia Player Europe and UK maps, 4GB:
  6. S

    Sat tv supplier

    Hi folks A short time ago there was a thread running about a tv system wher you bought a box of some kind and then could start and stop subscributions on a monthly basis am I correct and if so who is the supplier in the yalikavak area Thank you swagman
  7. peterbryant

    Sat Dish

    For sale 1.2 dish with motor , Overcik area 180tl
  8. A

    Big Book Sale Yalikavak Sat 9 June

    Just a reminder about the BIG BOOK SALE - nearly 2,000 books - crime, romance, thrillers, comedy, travel, children's books, classics, - something to suit everyone. DVDs too. Only 3tl each. All money raised goes to neutering and caring for the street animals of Yalikavak. Your support is MUCH...
  9. bickern

    How many sat dishes needed to watch Digiturk and Nilesat

    I hope some techy person can answer how many sat dishes are needed to watch Digiturk and Nilesat. I only have a balcony to fit a satellite dish to therefore I do not want to fill it. If I have to fit more than 1 then I will need to attach to the wall. I gather there are English channels on...
  10. Ian

    Dreambox and 90cm Sat dish

    Both for sale at 250 lira complete, all you do then is it make a subscription to whichever server you want to receive ITV/Sky/Ch4 etc.
  11. D

    sat tv

    Just about to sort this dont know where to start. I would like english tv aint bothered about the sport, we will be out for long stretches so mrs will knife me if she misses the soaps
  12. luckycat68

    Sat 23 rd July -- date for your diary

    Some of you will probably remember that a few weeks ago I said that we would hold a charity raffle & hopefully an auction to help both Rosemary and myself ( I help care & feed the local animals & get neatured , when funds allow ) We did not seem to have much support so the date was put on hold...
  13. Mushtaq

    Sat nav failure could 'cause loss of life'

    UK 'dangerously dependent on GPS' (UKPA) – 6 hours ago The UK is already "dangerously dependent" on the GPS satellite navigation system, a report by engineers has claimed. Back-up systems are often inadequate, while equipment which can illegally jam systems is easily and cheaply available...
  14. D


    Can anyone tell me please about what TV channels we might get using a nilesat box with decoder? Just got one from someone but dont really know anything about them. Any info might help, thanks.:kitapoku:
  15. O

    Sat Nav

    How well do Sat Nav devices work in Turkey? Any known issues or problems?
  16. O

    Table Top Sale - Akbuk - Mavi Deniz Sat 4th December

    Can't see it mentioned on here so I thought it might be worth posting in case people don't know! :)
  17. Andy

    Cheapest UK Sat Nav £40

    ROADCOM RC410 GPS Sat Nav System | Dixons |
  18. E

    Redline sat. box

    Has anyone else lost BBC Entertainment on nilesat ??? Mine's been gone for over a week now. Every night I switch the TV on with fingers crossed but no joy. Do I need to get the men out? Getting other channels ok.......Essie
  19. sunnyturkey

    TV set with integrated Sat tuner

    Hi Both Sony and Samsung produces TV sets with integrated satellite tuners for DVB-S2 HD transmissions. They are hard to find on Bimeks, Teknosa etc. only DVB-T and DVB-C seems to be available. Are they not prodused for the Turkish market?
  20. ICF

    Sat on the beach surfing lol

    I'm sat on the beach at three brothers surfing the net not the waves. Just thinking about beer and food in that order lol
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