1. L

    Looking for rental in sarigerme 2019

    Hi there, I am looking to rent a place in sarigerme for one maybe two months next year 2019 depending on the price. Can anyone help me Iā€™m unsure on where to look, when I try google it just comes up with hotels costing loads. Would be very great full for any help šŸ˜šŸ˜ Thank you Xx
  2. S

    good news for sarigerme at last!

    Hi ALL, I recently saw this on you tube: Sarigerme Projesi tanitildi Its about a new water park to be built there, has anyone heard anything? It will be great for the village if it happens. All the best Soulsoles
  3. S

    sarigerme in march

    Hi All, We are over in march and have never been over so early. We want to go walking in the hills around Sarigerme and even walk into Dalyan (its about 7 miles I think) but wifey is a bit worried about animals and insects breeding and being aggressive, does anyone know if its breeding time for...
  4. A

    Sarigerme golf

    Has anybody got the latest information on the proposed golf course at Sarigerme I have checked the threads and the latest is a few years old. I think that it would be a great asset to the area but doubt very much that it will be completed unless someone like Hilton Hotels back it.
  5. A

    Best route to Sarigerme

    Hi all, I need to get from Fethiye to Sarigerme near Dalaman by public transport can anyone help me routes and best way to do it. Many thanks in anticipation.
  6. S

    do any ex pats live in sarigerme ?

    Hi All, we love our place in Sarigerme and try to get there about three times a year but only spent a total of about 1 month.I know its almost closed up from end October until April but does anyone know if there are any ex pats living there and if so what if anything is there to do during the...
  7. F

    Sarigerme Development

    Following my post on the golf course thread, I can also add some other news. There is due to be a new hotel development by Rixos Hotels. I understand that it will be next to Pegasus Holiday Village but am not sure if it is the plot that was/is earmarked for Marti Hotels. I believe that...
  8. L

    Rental Available Sarigerme Dalaman

    Hi Detached 3bedroom villa on a private complex with other summer villas available for rent. With large lounge dining and kitchen area as well as downstairs toilet upstairs bathroom 3 double bedrooms with double wardrobes and large roof terrace. Complex has: *cafe/bar/shop *swimming pool...
  9. R

    New property owners in sarigerme

    We have recently bought an apartment in Sarigerme and will be coming out in end of June and August, wanted to get to know some other people who either live or have recently bought there.
  10. O

    Our trip to sarigerme coming closer..

    And i wonder what is the best way to come to holiday village in sarigerme from dalaman airport..we will arrive around 23.00 in evening, are there plenty of taxicars that time in evening..and how much does it cost dalaman-sarigerme by taxi,thank you!
  11. J

    sarigerme villa sale

    hi i have just put on the market my 3 bed villa in sarigerme it has 3 beds with an independant 1 bed apartment on lower floor so is ideal for 2 families it has a plot size of 480 2m and 120 2m living space over 3 floors plus a 8x4 swimming is 5 mins walk to village and 10/15mins walk to...
  12. E

    sarigerme golf

    Hi everyone, does anyone have any updated info on how the golf coure at sarigerme is coming along. last heard it was still a long way from completion.
  13. Gamuret

    Sarigerme - Mosquito Alley?

    In the current newsletter of Lifestyle and retirement property news - Iain Maitland's Lifestyle Property Alerts Sarigerme is being heavily promoted. I have heard this area, and especially the beach, referred to as "mosquito alley" by a lady who has lived in the area for over 15 years. Is this...
  14. teresa

    Sarigerme Jeep Deaths No seat belts being worn, they are a bit of a menace some of these trips.
  15. GnD

    Sarigerme Golf Hotel

    For those particularly interested got these this morning from Mehmet. He says, "i took photos authorized says Golf hotel will open 1st of july 2009." Debbie
  16. D

    sarigerme golf course

    Hi, Are there any golf nuts that could tell me how the course at Sarigerme is getting's only that I am trying to book up a week next year to come and play but only if the course is finished. Thanks Dave ( who has a villa on the 'hillside' in Dalaman )
  17. S

    Golf Villa Sarigerme (renovation project)

    This villa is situated on a complex adjacent to Sarigerme golf course (when operational it will significantly increase in value, with year round income potential), although it is currently in need of renovation, (I have had quotes of Ā£10,000 & upwards, depending on the quality of...
  18. N

    Property in Sarigerme

    Hi Everyone, As part of our search for property in Turkey we were going to look at Sarigerme, can anyone recomend an agent in the area, or web sites that will help in our search, we will be comming over in March and will probably be staying there for a week so any rentals anyone can help with...
  19. D

    fire in sarigerme

    This afternoon a large fire took place on the hill above Sarigerme, at Akdeniz. It started about four thirty and was put out by about 8 pm. Five helicopters and about a hundred firefighters took part in the operation to control the fire. A large part of the hillside was destroyed but there...
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