1. J

    Sarah Millican

    I actually saw Sarah live before she made it, and whilst not a fan of her comedy, she has gone up several notches in my opinion, its time someone stood up to the bullying vacuous media press and showed them up for the no-marks they are Comedian's Response to Criticism of Her Red Carpet Look...
  2. C

    Sorry Sarah..........

    Hi Sarah and Co., I hate to tell you this (ha, ha!) but it has been sunny and very warm today! Wish you were here..... Joking aside, it was very nice to see you all and it was a shame you got the rain. Hopefully, next time you'll get sunshine your whole stay at Sunflower. Love, Cathi xx
  3. S

    sarah xxx

    Hi everyone, I'm kind of new to this site, I'm afraid I didnt see the introduction piece at first........, but I love the site. I'm Sarah from Gloucester and I have bought an apartment in Konacik, Bodrum. Thanks all Sarah
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