1. A89

    Happy Birthday Saoirse!

    Happy Birthday Philip! Have a great day. :cheers: alison x
  2. Struggs

    Happy Birthday Saoirse

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Saoirse, hope you have a great day. Diane
  3. S

    Trustworthy Saoirse

    I am today going property viewing Why, you ask-sure you have just bought there Ah, I reply-good friends in Turkey are seriously considering this area and have entrusted moi to be their eyes for some viewings I will ask all the questions take notes, photos and shoot a video God I am a " good...
  4. Mojive

    Happy Birthday saoirse

    :party:Have a good day:party: Mo xx
  5. Mojive

    A Very Happy Birthday saoirse

    :cheer2:Happy Birthday:cheer2: Wishing you a very happy Birthday Philip:party: Where ever you are and what ever your doing hope your enjoying it:pressie: Mo xx
  6. kemerkid

    Happy Birthday saoirse

    Well Philip it's that time of the year again, wherever you are or whatever you are doing, spare some time to enjoy yourself today. Happy Birthday.
  7. T

    where is saoirse

    Does anyone know where saoirse is, I hope he's OK
  8. M


    Just noticed. How come it says New Member under your name? You have been on this forum since before Adam was a lad. Maisie
  9. kemerkid

    It's saoirse's birthday.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP he probably can't hear me.
  10. S

    Saoirse on tour

    Enjoy your holiday Philip and no doubt if there is wifi available in the Far East we will hear from you
  11. arrian

    A Gift for Saoirse

    just for you Philip, it had your name on it!!!! [ATTACH]9478[/ATTACH :95im: .
  12. abba

    Is this the reason Saoirse is back in Ireland?

    BBC News - Ireland's optimism at beach races and cow dung bingo
  13. kemerkid


    Today sees the birthday of one of the most liked and missed forum members. Many happy returns of the day Philip.
  14. Yalides


    Philip gone purple. What have I missed ?????
  15. Tonyj


    Saoirse Online Newsroom - Home Saoirse
  16. Tonyj

    Re saoirse and bnp

    Dear all as per usual certain posts have been made claiming i am a member of the BNP.well never have never will Dont do Nazis or national socialism of any kind incl International .but I will not allow saoirse to smear me with is lies .free debate is the bedrock of a democratic society with out...
  17. Tonyj

    saoirse and giglets

    It seems saoirse has a allie in giglets i fear saoirse can peddle what ever view he likes but anybody who questions is views are deleted very labour party giglets ,who are you thats why this site as turned into a political forum by the likes of saoirse freedom of speach lmao
  18. SLEEPY

    I blame saoirse

    Well it seems now that its offical, the Brits are not so happy with life and their lot What do you think? whats the cause?and who is to blame? Brits fare badly in ‘happiness index’ - UK, Local & National -
  19. juco

    Is saoirse correct?

    Saoirse…. I can never understand how it is humanly possible to give more than 100% as percentages as are fractions part of the whole number and therefore when you have all it must equal 100%. When you have given the `whole` then it has gone, there is no more to give. Unless of course you are...
  20. A89

    Happy birthday saoirse

    Happy Birthday Philip!!! Hope you have a great one despite your housing problems. Alison x
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