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    Does anyone know anything about L&M properties who sold a lot of the properties at Sankop. I have been trying to get in contact with them for the last couple of months both ringing and writing but no reply. Also anyone who paid the £2000 or (maybe it was £1000 it has been so long now I cannot...
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    Hi everyone I need to sell my villa in Sankop has anyone any ideas how I can do this.I am desperate at this stage.:15:
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    Sankop / Cooperatives

    Can anyone give me some information on the do and don'ts of buying into a cooperative? Is it safe? Do you still own it although you only have a share certificate and not a tapu? We saw something we like on the Sankop Sitesi but would like to hear from anyone that lives/owns there of in a...

    S.S. Sankop Sanitcilar Sitesi, Turkbuku

    Hi there We're new to the site, so apologies if we're treading well worn ground here. In Oct. 2004 we bought our house (aka joined the cooperative) on the above site, which is situated right on the border between Turkbuku/Gundogan, opposite the Hekimkoye complex. Our agent was L&M Emlak...
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