1. bal canavar

    Sandy Jardine RIP

    Sandy Jardine former Rangers ,Hearts and Scotland defender dies from cancer Today age 65 may he rest in peace
  2. T

    Hurricane Sandy

    As Hurricane Sandy approaches the US eastern seaboard I have been watching live feed of the New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, at an extended press conference. I amaze myself by actually being positively impressed by his command of various policies and operations that are now being enacted...
  3. mollag

    Sandy McNabs

    Friends of ours had a ramble in our area last week, they followed a dried-ish river bed up to a pool, frogs and kaplumbas present then lo and behold---they spotted a crab! redish in colour and quite aggresive. This is the first ive heard of freshwater crabs in Turkey, the web reveals quite a...
  4. B

    best sandy beaches

    where are the best sandy beaches close to gulluk?
  5. S

    Sandy & Helen, (from Monifieth in Scotland)

    Hi, We have bought an apartment in Gulluk, (Odek property), Sunset Apartments. Unfortunately as it is off-plan, apartment will not be finished until Sept 2009. We visited gulluk September 07, and met loads of nice people, bot British and Turkish. Hope Gulluk will never change We will be in...
  6. C

    Sandy beaches

    Hi, we are moving to Datca later this year, although we visited twice last year most of the time was spent in banks/notary office/builders so didnt get much time to have a good mooch around, most of the beaches we saw were shingle unless someone knows different!!!!, if you know of any sandy bays...
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