1. S

    Sandra and Roger Bird

    : 30: Hi my name is Sandra and my husband is Roger we purchased last february at Sunset Bay Gulluk from Odek appartments in S block we are to visit the site in the first week of june, looking forward to making new friends and many happy holidays.
  2. kaplumba

    Sandra where are you?

    Has anyone heard from San (Brusandra)? She swanned off to Turkey on Feb 16th and I haven't heard a word since. I expect she's up to her ears in boxes and is having an exciting time. I think there are lots of people on here wondering how she is getting on.
  3. shirleyanntr

    Sandra is 50 today

    Sandra just joined and hasn't posted much yet..she lives in a dive instructor..dive as in deep sea dive... but we may get round to a few other dives tonight hehe happy birthday Sandra. We will kick off in the Golden Beach restaurant at come along one and all.
  4. G

    Good luck to Sandra and Bruce

    San I just wanted to start this thread to wish you and Bruce all the very best on your imminent move over to Altinkum. I think it is the 16th February that you go so it's just around the corner. I bet you are having all kinds of emotions running through you at the moment. San will you keep us...
  5. lorraine

    Laymans Turkish for Ivy & Sandra

    Well you asked and this is work in progress!!! I am trying to put under the pronounciations... looks strange... forum does not like the turkish key board, so if there is an sh sound in turkish like bes should be besh.. otherwise it comes out like a joined up p and b on the forum...
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