1. H

    Sand & Cement

    Hi, I am looking for around 25kg of smooth building sand and probably 10kg of cement to make motar. Not necessary in the above Qty, but do know what volumes to mix once I get the material. I am not sure how this is sold in turkey and what it's called in turkish. I think I remember seeing...
  2. M

    Changing sand in swimming pool filter

    We had a few problems with the pool last year. Sometimes after we had vacuumed it looked as though fine peices of algea were coming up the jets. We did always get the pool back clean again I think by vacuuming again to waste but were told this was wrong and it wasted a lot of water. So this...
  3. J

    Does Akbuk Beach require sand??

    Im surprised I dont see post on this site relating to the state of the beach in Akbuk (the Garden resturaunt side) I was out just over 2 weeks ago with friends and went down to the beach and was quite embarrassed at the state of it, it just looked so messy!! this surprises me especially as this...
  4. suzyq

    EXPOSED: Projects built on lies and sand

    THE extent of the lies behind Royal Resorts, its problems and the people running it can be exclusively revealed today by Voices. We have discovered that Royal Resorts’ Paradise Bay development at Akbük was a concept drawn up by a highly regarded architect who was then dumped and left 8,000...
  5. S

    Builders sand

    Does anyone know the price of a truck load of builders sand? We're relying on our builder and would like to have some idea of the cost just in case his price is extortionate! Thanks Sara
  6. ceemac

    7,500 Tons of Sand to Be Used in Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

    This is one helluva long festival! '7,500 tons of sand will be used in the Antalya International Sand Sculpture festival. Thirty sculptors from ten countries who have begun working on the sand sculptures will finish their works in April 20. Festival director Cem Karaca said Thursday the...
  7. Mary

    Why are people burying their heads in the sand

    These are 2 threads running at the moment, 1 is the A touch Of Paradise club and the other quite old Tuzla Park Lake resort. I have no axe to grind nothing BUT I am scammed and still am. For goodness sake stop burying your heads in the sand and start thinking guys. One of them the touch of...
  8. jandj

    Silver Sand Beach

    I cannot praise highly enough the new restaurant/bar recently opened next to The Shadow Hotel, close to Silver Sands Beach. The food is superb, prices are excellent and the service beyond normal Turkish standards. The wine being served, a new company form Izmir is fantastic and as far as value...
  9. T

    The Sand Beach Bar

    THE SAND BEACH by Max and formerly known as The Sands bar, situated between the Liman and 1881 at Koca Calis is having an opening night this Saturday 26th July 2008. 8pm Approx. He is hoping to have live music every Saturday but, not 100% if it will be starting this weekend. Baz, Max's...
  10. cirali

    Sand Sculpture Festival - until November 30, 2007

    If any of you that live in Antalya have not yet gotten to visit the Sand Sculpture Festival located at the Konyaatli beach Park it has been held over until - until November 30 ( weather permitting ) I was not able to get there until earlier this month. I have been twice already and really...
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