1. gren

    Sample POA (power of attorney) from UK

    Re: power of attorney advice Heres a POA you can use. You just need to fill in the red bits (with your details) and get it translated. Copy and paste into a Word doc. Mines an Efes... ---------------------------------------- POWER OF ATTORNEY Mr _____________ of...
  2. P

    Sample contract..what do you think?

    Please give me your opinion on this sample contract I have been given with regards to purchasing a one bed apartment on a complex once the TAPU suspension is lifted. I asked for a draft copy while we wait so I could view in the meantime. This has come from a large reputable Altinkum real estate...
  3. Andy

    Free Coffee Sample Hope it works
  4. J

    Sample of moisturisers

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  5. Struggs

    Lancashire Tea Sample
  6. M

    Free sample Yorkshire Tea

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  7. Struggs

    Mosturising Sample
  8. Struggs

    Free Lenor in the Pink sample
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