1. teosgirl

    Sigacik - Samos ferry

    A new ferry service has been announced between Izmir, Sigacik and Samos, Karlovassi. Tomorrow will see a trial run of the service, and depending on demand it will continue indefinitely. The ferry will depart at 8am tomorrow morning from Teos marina and return on Sunday evening. This weekend...
  2. Alexander

    Samos ferry and parking

    Hello All. I am planing a trip to Samos, and I would like to ask a couple of questions. First, where does the ferry depart from? Is it the same big port where the cruise liners dock, or should I go to another place? Second, where can I park the car? I am going to pass three nights in Samos, so...
  3. G

    ferry to samos

    hi could anyone please give me any info on taking the ferry to samos from kusadasi we are going on the 30th of next month for 8 night's back 7th aug do the ferry's go everyday ? how much does it cost ? can you buy a ticket at the ferry port the day before? also times of ferry etc thanks in...
  4. maggie


    Thinking ahead to a few trips for next summer thought Id pick your brains .!!! Has anyone been over to Samos from Kusadasi? I believe there is a ferry that leaves at 8 in the morning .Is it just passenger or will it take cars? Does anyone know the cost and how long it gives you on the Island...

    Samos Boat Trips.

    Does anyone know if there is any sailings to Samos, a few years ago they where talking about doing this ?. Johnyh.
  6. teosgirl

    New ferry sevice - Sigacik to Samos

    Samos'a yılın ilk seferi gerçekleştirildi The new service will begin operating this weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sundays only. A one way ticket costs 35 Euro, 06-12 years 20 Euro. A return ticket costs 45 Euro, 06-12 years 35 Euro. An open return ticket costs 55 Euro, 06-12 years 45...
  7. altinkum kev

    kusadasi to Samos

    Have all they ferries ceased running now,would like to go next week for some Pork.
  8. Summertime

    To Samos from Altinkum

    Hi all Wonder if it is possible to take a Ferry from Altinkum to Samos. I will come to Didim next Friday and would like to go to Samos for a couple of days. Is there a link? Or do I have to go to Kos and take a Ferry from there. Greatful for any help :thanks:
  9. eadie6679

    Samos Ferry Tickets

    We are planning a trip to Samos when we visit in early September. Does anybody know if we can make a ticket reservation on a the ferry, then pick up the tickets from Kusadasi ferry port on the morning of travel?
  10. S

    Samos buddy needed

    hello, ıs there anybody who needs to go to samos for a vısa re-newal wıthıın the next 10days?
  11. S

    Need a Samos buddy?

    hello, is there anybody who needs to go to Samos for a visa within the next 10days?
  12. teosgirl

    Samos - Sigacik

    Hi, Last weekend saw the opening of a new ferry route running between Samos and Sigacik, near Izmir. The ferry departs every Friday and returns on Sunday. The boat does not return daily and currently this weekend trip is the only option. The price last weekend was 85 Euro which included...
  13. C

    visa trip to samos

    Me and my husband need to renew our visas and fancied going to Samos instead of the usual Kos trip. Maxi tours will arrange the trip but need a minimum of 4 people,,,,,is there a couple who fancy going to Samos for the day?? The trip costs £35 a person,, (the same as they charge for kos),,,and...
  14. zozatky

    Kusadasi / Samos Boozecruise.

    Well the Christmas Boozecruise to Samos left on time. Other half tells me its a bit choppy but still looking forward restocking the essentials just in time for Christmas.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  15. zozatky

    Samos Island /Turkey illegal migrants

    The Associated Press: Greek islands Europe's magnet for illegal migrants Samos now has its own mini Sangat. I wonder if this Ocupation is on the list that we cannot apply for Here !!!
  16. Sweetnighter

    Ferry from Yalikavak to Greek Island of Samos

    As from May this year a ferry service will start taking passengers to the Greek Island of Samos.The service will ,according to the Turkish Daily News, begin from Yalikavak Marina.
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