1. shirleyanntr

    Salt forbidden in Giresun restaurants

    i thought yusuf was winding me up when he told me that RTE was going to get salt taken from the tables in public eating places. However as they say in every joke there's some truth and so i googled to see whats going on and sure enough in Giresun a black Sea town the Governor has forbidden...
  2. S

    Epsom Salt

    I know epsom salt has been covered before as I have searched it but no-one actually answered as to whether it is sold in Turkey? I'm trying to clean off the limescale that has built up in my pool (liner not tiles) and several pool companies in the usa use this then waterblast it off, thought it...
  3. L

    Salt Pots

    Does anybody else put salt pots out in winter? We always did in Kus and never got any damp problems, where would I get large pots (plant pots) and large bags of salt from around the Yali area... Thanks
  4. S

    Opinions please :) Newborn salt water bath

    Hı Everyone I am currently 6 months pregnant and lıvıng ın turkey wıth my Turkısh husband. My Turkısh mother ın law mentıoned yesterday that after the baby ıs born - about a week old the normal thıng to do ın Turkey ıs bath the baby ıs salt water?? Apparantly ıt toughens up the skın. I must...
  5. Peaceplant

    Pass me the salt

    For those of us with high blood pressure here's an interesting article revealing studies that indicated salt may not be the baddie we thought!! Does eating lots of salt really affect blood pressure?
  6. T

    Salt and Vinegar

    Hi all . Two years ago I was able to buy Salt and vinegar crisps in Gima kippa but last year none could be found does anybody know where they have gone ? Also can cheese be frozen ? Thank you all
  7. L

    Low Salt !!

    Hi was wondering if anyones came across Low Salt in Marmaris or near? just recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure . Miss the salt in my cooking, but cant say ive ever seen it before thanks!.:504xn: lindylou
  8. G

    The Salt Box

    Can anyone give me idiot-proof directions to the Salt Box, please. I will be approaching Kusadasi from the Guzelcamli/Davutlar Road. It would be helpful, too, if you could tell me whether they fry the chips in the same oil as they use for battered fish, cos I'm probably allergic to the batter.
  9. J

    Salt Water Pools

    We have 3 villas in Turkey + 3 pools. We have found them very expensive to run this last year and seem to have had several problems. Does anybody know if anybody over there supply salt water pools + salt etc. They are so much cheaper to run and also much healthier to swim in. They are popular...
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