1. bickern

    Salsa Shakes! Amazing dancing kids!

    I got tired just watching these two, in fact I am that shattered ı'm off for a lie down.
  2. newhorizon


    Was a lovely warm and sunny day today, so wanted to do minimum cooking...well tell a lie, this simple snack/side dish involves no cooking at all. I'm sure you all know it but sometimes the most simple things can taste so flavorful, so thought I'd add this as a reminder. Ingredients tomatoes...
  3. thingthong

    Indian Salsa and Kris

    :33::33:Good morning all Bodrum Curry lovers Can anyone tell me if they know if Indian Salsa will be opening next season 2011 in Bitez I have not heard anything about the restaurant since Sep 2010 Kris is a lovely man and his Indian food was superb Any news would be most welcome He was...
  4. perfect1949

    salsa dancing in gumusluk

    at gonulcelen bar in gumusluk , they are having a salsa night on saturday the 13 th of march at 8 o,clock .should be fun:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  5. YogiPJ

    Salsa / Latino Dancing

    Hi My fiance and I are moving to Turgutreis March/April for good. After all the hard work of moving, I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation too. I LOVE dancing. My Turkish friend has mentioned that there are a few Salsa or Latino dance classes going on. Does anybody go to these or...
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