1. B

    Sally Bercow guilty.

    BBC News - High Court: Sally Bercow's Lord McAlpine tweet was libel Maybe now, people will be a bit more careful when "tweeting". Bill.
  2. bobthenob

    Ali and Sally

    There was once a man called Ali.That fell for an English woman called Sally. Ali blew a kiss and off they flew in bliss to a land that hands money out on a dish. You are the love of my life, you are the moon and the stars said Ali “oooh” you are a romantic said Sally And off they went to the...
  3. peter the postie

    Sally & Bens portrait

    The portrait we commissioned arrived today & I love it :) I promised I'd post it when it got here, so here it is. Click the thumnail for a bigger image.
  4. ZiaCa'

    Happy Birthday Sally (Skiddly)

    Have a wonderful day! Happy birthday to all other members celebrating today. :pressie::pressie:
  5. B

    Sally from North Wales

    Hi, I have posted a few threads on this forum and realised I have not introduced myself. Myself and my husband Alastair are looking to buy a property in Turkey, we were originally looking in Cape Verde but thought it was too expensive and under developed. We are coming out to view a villa in the...
  6. G

    Thank you Sally

    We went to the get together at Musti's last night so would like to give Sally and big thank you for putting it all together. A big big thank you goes to Brenda and Musti as well who welcome you into their place as if you are going into a family home. Brenda was waiting welcoming us all in whilst...
  7. cleeker

    Sally's Wedding

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