1. TNT123

    Salad Cream

    Hi All My good lady has asked me to post on this forum if anyone knows were to get Salad Cream.Bit of a stange request I know but for a long time now when on holiday we bring it out with us but if all goes well and we eventually get out there she would love to get some instead of bringing...
  2. shirleyanntr

    kısır...bulgur salad

    kısır ıs a drool worthy salad..really addictive ...healthy maybe fattening ...ah who cares once you start you cant leave it alone and ive found a fail safe easy-peasy recipe to feed the five thousand start off with a couple of garlic cloves finely minced a large onion finely chopped cook...
  3. yalimart

    giant Cucumbers and summer salad stuff

    Its clearly salad stuffs harvesting time, and we picked our first giant cucumber last night ! we also have tomato burn on our plum tomatoes, still tasty though, also got a huge aubergine to pick and stuff for tommorrow nights tea very disappointed with the strawberry harvest this year, started...
  4. rosewall1

    salad cream

    We had this thread a short time ago and I am wondering if any of you that had my recipe for making your own salad cream had given it a try and if so any comments. Also for the thread New Shop Opened those of you that want salad cream well I can let you have the recipe it is dead easy to make...
  5. butt007

    Heinz salad cream

    We have lived here over two years now and after fruitless searching I have never been able to find Heinz Salad Cream?? We have tried....Kipa, Metro, Migros, Tansas, Carrefour. H.P Sauce, various Heinz Sauces and Ketchup yes, but no Salad Cream, I hate lettuce etc without it so anyone...
  6. GnD

    Pomegranate Salad Dressing

    We tasted this for the first time in June/July. Does anyone know how to make this dressing? It is ridiculously tasty and I think lower in calories than mayonnaise, my usual favourite. many thanks Debbie
  7. rosewall1

    salad cream recipe

    As requested here is the recipe for salad cream, it does not make very much so I always double it up but I only double the eggs, flour, salt and sugar. I find if I double the mustard and vinegar it is over powering, so do it to your own taste. 1 tbs dried english mustard (if you do not have...
  8. R

    Marmite, Choc, Salad Cream, Bisto ???

    Hello If anyone living in Turkey( Akbuk- Altinkum area) wants some choc or bisto or an item they really miss, within reason,lol, I can squeeze a few items into my case as I upgraded and can take 2 cases per person now... Just reply here or drop me a message. Cheers Rach
  9. cirali

    Stuffed Sea Bass / Balaton Salad

    Hi all here is a new receipe that I found today. Sea Bass ( Coupra ) is a very popular fish dish in Turkey. Gourmand's corner Sunday, November 5, 2006 Stuffed Sea Bass: Ingredients (serves 2): Stuffing : 2 tablespoons butter...
  10. VWBug

    Turkish Shepherd’s Salad

    Turkish Shepherd’s Salad/ Coban salatasi 2 Tomatoes, peeled & diced 2 Cucumbers, peeled & diced 3 Small Green Peppers 6 Radishes, thinly sliced 3 Green Onions, 1 White Onion sliced into rings 1/2 cup Flat Italian Parsley A classic Turkish salad, very refreshing. Have all the vegetables cut...
  11. Mushtaq

    Cucumber & Yogurt Salad

    Ingredients Cucumbers 3 medium size Yogurt 3 1#8260;2 cups Garlic 3 cloves Olive oil 2 tablespoons Dill 3-4 sprigs Salt 2 teaspoons Water 1 1/4 cups Procedure Wash, peel and coarsly grate the cucumbers. Wash and weed out the dill and chop finely. Whisk the yogurt, add salt, water...
  12. Mushtaq


    Yield: 4 servings 6 oz Couscous 1 bn Spring onions 1/4 Cucumber 3 Ripe tomatoes 2 oz Raisins 2 tb Frsshly chopped parsley 2 tb Freshly chopped mint Salt and freshly ground -black pepper Juice of 1 lemon...
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