1. N

    Saga saga

    Before I set off to Turkey with a car I had purchased just for the trip I took out Saga insurance and premier break down insurance. The car ran well but two weeks into the trip the turbo blew, covering the hills in Turkey in smoke and the car refused to stop even with the ignition key...
  2. S

    Grumpy Saoirses Soggy House Saga

    Insurace companies? Dont get me started! We took all our insurance through Lloyds-for reasons known only to them they subcontracted our policies dividing them to 2 different companies-Legal and General for buildings, Sunlife for contents The former have been nothing short of amazing-the latter...
  3. GnD

    Twilight Saga Books/Film

    If you've read them/seen film are you an Edward or Jacob fan?
  4. I

    flying with saga

    Hi there I am flying to bodrum mid July with Saga I am hearing so many bad reports about them.Just wondering if anyone has any positive things to say about them.I am really getting wooried
  5. R

    Saga Airlines Manchester to Bodrum

    Has anyone flown with Saga Airlines (code SGX)? We got back from Yalikavak less than 2 days ago and booked last night to go back again in mid May. Flight cost and times looked good. The confirmation invoice has just come through and it appears that the flight time is 5 hours and 35 minutes...
  6. ukizook

    Latest Saga

    Hi all, We're just back from Turkey, "again" As some may know we are buying in Bodrum and wanted to go out to see the villa again. No problem said I, we will go on a package tour to Alyana for 2 weeks and hire a car for Bodrum? What a drive, 8 hours none stop, from blazzing sunshine to freezing...
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