1. bickern

    Is it safe to visit Turkey?

    IS IT SAFE TO VISIT TURKEY Let us put the risk into perspective... Turkey is a vast country. It’s over two and a half times the size of Italy, larger than England and France put together. The Syrian border, where the majority of Turkey’s conflict is taking place, is well over 20 hours drive...
  2. E

    Just as you thought you were safe

    Well after all these years in Turkey they have finally caught up with us .We got a knock on the door and guess who was there,2 young Turkish girls all smiles spoke lovely english.They said they were looking for english speakers . Handed me a leaflet . Jehovah's Witnesses .So could be coming on...
  3. Spurs

    Safe zone

    What a sad state of affairs, I hope Germany also has a custodial zone set up for any perps. Berlin to provide 'safe zone' for women during New Year's Eve celebrations | The Independent "a safe zone for women should be ANYWHERE they wish to stand or sit"
  4. Spurs

    Is it safe?

    Recently pilots in Germany refused to fly rejected Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. Germany has/did deem Afghanistan to be a "safe country". You don't even need to be well educated to know that its not nor will it ever be. Afghanistan suicide bomb attack: Dozens killed in Kabul - BBC News
  5. A

    safe to holiday in alanya

    please can anyone advise if they have recently visited Alanya and if they felt safe whilst holidaying.... Me and my husband always travel to turkey and have had some amazing holidays but for the last 2 years i have felt uneasy about going, therefore missed out on having my usual summer...
  6. ibrahimwoah

    Help me with my Online Shopping!

    Hey guys, I've been looking at buying something for quite a while, and I found a website with a great offer. I got that "this price is too good to be true" feeling, so I'm here to ask if the website "akakce" (c with a hyphen) is safe! So... is it? :hmm:
  7. bickern

    Is Turkey Safe from Isis and Terrorism?

    Interesting Article: ----------------------------------------------------------- On Friday, an act of terrorism stunned people around the world. A gunman let rip on a Tunisian beach and since then traffic to this website has gone crazy. The daily amount of users, since the site went live in...
  8. B

    TakasBank safe sale in future

    It doesn’t help us who have witnessed fraud but now sales will be safe through TakasBank … and no more fraud hopefully in future. I can't put in the Youtube link here. In youtube search for TapuTakas Tanitim. Or copy and put this in: qVXXPrdCc4I - It also works with google search :-) It...
  9. Jaycey

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port?

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port? > > > > > > > >
  10. Spurs

    Is it safe?

    With everything going on around the world the wife & I are now debating where to go on holiday. We are not really scared of going anywhere BUT the likes of Damascus & Bagdad ect we have ruled out. If & its a big IF Greece drops out of the Euro we will go there. Other than that it could be...
  11. juco

    How safe is you money

    I was just reading this and it got me thinking.... Many of us at certain times of the year may have larger amounts of cash than normal for various reasons, holidays etc. Maybe even left over Turkish Lira. Does anyone log the actual numbers of the notes so that in the event of theft there is a...
  12. MrSimit

    Even Izmir isn't safe.

    I frequently hear reassuring words from Turkish friends saying, "It won't happen in Izmir", in reference to many of the government's policies and proposals. This article would suggest they shouldn't be too relaxed about things. ?zmir provincial education authority pledges to expel ?communist...
  13. Helenm150

    Safe banking

    In view of recent Turkish election results and adverse comments on the Turkish economy such as those made in the recent Forbes article - do forum members have any views on banking safely in Turkey - e.g. state compared to private banks, not exceeding the protected limit? Why The Worst Is Still...
  14. A

    Is gumusluk safe?

    Hi my first post. I absolutely love Gumusluk, spent 3 weeks there in 2012, 5 weeks there last Summer, and bought a tiny apartment which I am hoping to visit this summer. For part of the time I will have my daughter and grandchildren with me. I have felt much safer there than at home, on the...
  15. S

    Bringing a safe to Turkey

    I would like to bring a small safe (passport, small valuables size) for my villa on my next visit. Planning to bring it in luggage, just wondered if anyone has done this and whether there were any problems. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  16. J

    Turkish Banks safe?

    Hi All, Noobie here, is it safe to transfer a substantial sum of money to local banks or is there a better way to move your money (thinking of what happened in Cyprus ). We are in the process of buying a place at the moment and need as much advice as we can get. Thanks John
  17. D

    Money in Turkish Banks - Is it SAFE..??

    With all the recent Political Unrest and the lastest Phone-Tap Scandal it has left me to ponder on whether my financial investment in the Turkish Banks is actually safe or should I withdraw it and transfer it to a financially safer and sounder location. Does the Turkish banks and financial...
  18. J

    Nowhere and noone safe

    So they passed A law which enables them to do whatever they want to the forests,mountains, national parks and environmentally protected areas of this country.Now they have passed A law which enables them to do whatever they want in urban areas....they can legally tear your house down if they see...
  19. S

    how safe are banks

    Hi, I overheard someone saying that Turkey is a high risk place to put any money, does anyone know what this would mean, is it high risk and why, Thanks in advance, susi
  20. T

    Is it safe to go to Turkey now?

    goin to altinkum in 3 weeks & with everything goin on & now the recent car bombs is it safe, the foreign office is advising against travel to the affected area & also nr the syrian border, so how far away is it from there etc?
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