1. jandj

    Very sad news

    Absolutely devastated. A very sad day today. After 7 years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after one minor indiscretion and why during this terrible time? He slept with one of his patients (they were good friends) and can now no longer work in...


    Imagine thinking the colour of a travel document is one of the best things about your country. It’s quite sad that they can’t think of things they’re more proud of.
  3. S

    Sad loss

    Sad loss of a very talented man Peter Sallis: Wallace and Gromit actor dies aged 96 - BBC News
  4. abba

    Sad news from Bodrum

    'The Golden Retriever Man of Bodrum' says his final goodbye - Daily Sabah
  5. Kingfisher

    Another sad day for turkey - And Again

    13 soldiers killed, 48 wounded in attack in Kayseri:Turkish Millitary - CRIME
  6. M

    Sad story from Turkey

    The story started when I visited Bodrum and liked it and generally Turkey, and decided to buy a house there. I started to look for a property and new an agent in Antalya…. Look post no 16473 in May 2013 in Turkey central forum. After this incident, and because I liked the house that this man...
  7. S

    Sad news

    BBC Summary Footballer Dalian Atkinson dies after being Tasered in Telford Atkinson was visiting father at childhood home Confirmed dead at Princess Royal Hospital Independent Police Complaints Commission launches investigation Updates on Monday 15 August 2016
  8. mollag

    Sad news from Marmaris

    I realise i will be beaten about the head for this Mail link, but it is a sad report particularly for us Pats and expats. My condolences to her nearest and dearest. British woman dies after falling off her roof while hanging her washing in Turkey | Daily Mail Online
  9. D

    Diyarbakir Explosion

    An explosion killing at least 4 and injuring many more has gone off this evening. Sad for all concerned.
  10. mollag

    More sad news - another Istanbul bombing

    Three killed, more than 10 injured in suicide attack in central Istanbul - LOCAL
  11. L

    Very sad story - Ex-Turkey expat - Bulgaria Murder

    Probably a few of you from Altinkum will have known this poor lady and her husband. British woman murdered in Bulgaria just months after moving there - Telegraph I don't know who added to my subject line and mis-spelled it.....
  12. 1

    Sad news for me :(

    Last week my 9 year kitty Mizzi went missing from my garden. Despite her being microchipped she has not turned up. I have contacted 5 vets, the PDSA and Cat Protection League, also the cattery owner that I use in the hope that someone would know something. I have put up posters and shared...
  13. suzyq

    How Sad

    What a sad start to this little boys life. Baby boy sent to Bratislava after Slovakian mother moved to UK and rejected him | Daily Mail Online
  14. Sunny Seasider

    So very sad.

    I feel such sadness our good friend Arrian passed away on December 15th. Ann's daughter Ruth has given her permission to let all her friends know. Nanamo, and Struggs, I don't know what else to say, I feel numb. Throughout her fight Ann always remained positive, her posts were always upbeat...
  15. Sunny Seasider

    Very Sad News

    We have had some very sad news today about our good friend Yucel from The Rahat Bar who passed away early this morning. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Ann and Adam.
  16. B

    Sad Death of a broken father.

    BBC News - Sarah Payne's father Michael found dead at Kent home The repercussions of this terrible crime are still being felt. Bill.
  17. mollag

    Another sad passing

    This is just what I kneaded to hear today, Oh well, I have sent flours anyway,
  18. beyazbayan

    Another sad slapper

    EXCLUSIVE: 'I was 16, Frankie Valli was 39 ...he took advantage of a young virgin who loved him.' The Jersey Boy's lover lifts the lid off her 20-year affair and reveals he was cruel, controlling and uncaring in bed | Mail Online Am İ the only one who gets sick of these type of women who...
  19. Y

    Very sad report in hillside

    It appears my friends whilst staying in my apartment have had unwanted visitors. The visitors have taken from the apartment cash, ipads etc. I have had my apartment many years without misfortune and this is the first occurence I know of. The apartment was locked. Please be vigil on site. My...
  20. martin m

    christmas can be sad.

    :53:Hi all. Its Christmas eve and for the vast majority of our members its a happy time, with parties, family and friends, and just a real good feel about life. Sadly for more than I want to imagine there will be quite a few TLFs who will go through a very lonely sad next 36 hours or so, I know...
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