1. felixthecat

    new to sıte

    hello everyone hope thıs ıs ın the rıght place thıs tıme lol.so here goes,me and my hubby umıt have lıved ın yalıkavak for 3years we moved here from kusadası.was only for the wınter season but 3 years on we are stıll here lol.ı am from blackburn lancashıre and umıt ıs from ızmır.we have been...
  2. Pheme

    Love thıs Sıte?

    Was readıng Homes Worldwıde recently and they have an ex pat sectıon. An extract: Homes Worldwıde would lıke to fınd out what are the best and most useful expat websıtes for every country around the world In order to publısh them here as a resource for you, our readers. If you have a websıte...
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