1. Jaycey

    Ryanair Cheap Flights

    FASCINATING AIDA - Cheap Flights - YouTube
  2. B

    Ryanair flights to Bodrum:

    Ryanair today announced new route Dublin to Bodrum commencing in May,2019 on Tuesdays and Saturdays...Yesssssssss👍
  3. F

    Ryanair flights to Turkey

    Lets hope they will put up flights to Antalya also.... Ryanair announces its first flights to Turkey
  4. E

    Ryanair Dublin to Turkey

    A long time coming.... https://www.independent.ie/life/travel/travel-news/ryanair-announces-first-direct-flights-from-dublin-to-turkey-36707896.html
  5. yalimart

    Ryanair Debacle

    Ryanair have decided to disrupt flights and customers plans to prevent further disruption, time for a change at the top and a new direction I think. 400,000 hit by new Ryanair cancellations to solve pilot crisis Martin
  6. bickern

    New Airline - Competition for Ryanair at last!

    New Indian Airline Competition for Ryanair at last! Currently Santaco will only fly between Mumbai and Christmas Island but hopes to introduce further services to Australia later this year. Australia's CASA announced it will be trying to ban the service as it is unsure about the...
  7. janA

    Bloody Ryanair!!

    Our son is getting married in Ireland next February, so me wanting to be prepared booked our flights. Going Izmir to Stansted with Pegasus then Stansted to Dublin with Ryanair. With a two hour wait inbetweeen flights i thought job sorted. We then co ordinated our flights with other family...
  8. suzyq

    Ryanair to cut fares 'aggressively' in face of weak demand

    I expect he will charge twice as much for baggage . Ryanair will launch 'aggressive' fare promotions this winter after harsh competition and weak bookings forced it to admit today that profits this year will disappoint investors. Shares in the budget airline plunged by as much as 15 per cent...
  9. B


    Ryanair says heatwave has hit profits | Business | guardian.co.uk Ryanair are talking about flights to Turkey. I personally wouldn't touch them with a bargepole, but each to his/her own, and no doubt they will have plenty of business, if it happens...
  10. K

    Ryanair to Turkey

    Could be interesting if they get the go ahead "Millar said Ryanair would continue to expand its geographical reach as its fleet expands from 290 to 410 planes over the next six years. He said they would be interested in starting flights to Turkey provided an open skies agreement was reached...
  11. T

    RyanAir grab more headlines

    Ryanair cancels flights to Greek islands - AOL Travel UK I suppose it's just hard luck on anyone that had already booked with them.
  12. M

    Ryanair online booking query

    Having spent several hours trying to book a flight and some expensive minutes on an online booking help line that doesn't seem to have anyone on the other end, Can I ask advice from our seasoned travellers: At the travel insurance section of the booking form there is a box with a drop down...
  13. Yogi

    Ryanair at it again

    the more I here about Ryanair the less I like them. ------------------------- Ryanair customers who try to avoid the budget airline's booking fees by using its new card could be charged hefty fees unless they use it every month. The user guide for the Ryanair Cash Passport reveals that after...
  14. T


    Golf clubs go free , so take one golf club the rest luggage bingo .
  15. Tommie

    Ryanair trumped by zero-fee airline

    Wanna cut the cost of your travel? The new kid on the block is Monarch (I'm sure they have been around a while) Monarch
  16. Yogi

    Baggage Charges Increase - Ryanair

    Disgusting - won't be long before other airlines follow suit and it looks like fairs are going to rise anyway. This is simply taking advantage of a captured market. From Yahoo:- -------------- If you want to take luggage onto your flight, it will now set you back an extra £5 each way...
  17. Thechefster

    JET2 - Ryanair in disguise?

    A warning to others flying with Jet2: Make sure and check-in online and print your boarding passes before going to the airport. Today, I flew with TC to Leeds and then booked a connecting flight with Jet2 to Belfast. This was my first time flying with Jet2 and I assumed the online check-in...
  18. thingthong


    Good Evening All Does any one know if RYANAIR have plans to fly into Turkey in the near future? And if not ,WHY? T.
  19. suzyq

    Let stewardesses land the plane in a crisis, says Ryanair boss

    Ryanair's ever-controversial boss has called for the second pilot to be dumped from the flight deck of aircraft to save money. Michael O'Leary suggested air stewardesses could be trained to take over and land the plane in the event of a crisis. The idea is the latest in a long line of...
  20. Tess

    RYANAIR pulling out of Belfast City Airport.

    Apologies if already highlighted, could not see it. Mods please remove if so. Ryanair to pull out of Belfast City Airport. BBC News - Ryanair to pull out of Belfast City Airport
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