1. Mushtaq

    Has TLF run it's course and should be put to sleep?

    For a while now I am getting the feeling that maybe time has come to close this forum down. There seem to be mainly argument between very few members about the same things, often there is much mud slinging and complaints to mods. My main reasons for starting this forum was to exchange...
  2. 3

    Would you run?

    Honest answers only please. :hearnoevi Chucky Scare Prank/Real Chucky Ad Prank At the Bus Stop/funny chucky videos/chucky doll prank - YouTube
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Police on the run

    Some 65 police officers on duty were hospitalized on March 15 on suspicion of food poisoning following a meeting by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the inner Aegean province of Afyonkarahisar, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. 65 police officers hospitalized on suspicion of food...
  4. D

    BBQ. A home run

    BBQ. A home run | The Old Groaner "At this stage of course my silly wife put her oar in. She asked the guests how they wanted their meat, lightly done, medium or well done? Those who knew me just looked over and smiled knowing smiles. Nothing leaves my griddle until it is coal black, that is...
  5. A

    Run for your life

    the BBC Has just completed a series about 16 girls in our village (Deri) That were being trained by Gareth Alfie Thomas and my son Adam Jones. The main aim was to get these girls mostly working Mams that have not done Any Exercise since school to run the Cardiff half marathon 16 girls / 16...
  6. T

    Does Erdogan’s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists?

    A good article that gives the world an insight into Erdogan's dirty work. Does Erdogan?s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists? - Telegraph Whether its only hatred of Assad I am not so sure but each person will have their own personal ideas about that.

    The beer run !

    I think Steve lives in Yali !
  8. T

    ISIS run away from Kurdish fighters and Turkish army protect ISIS

    Only have Turkish article. Turkish Army yet again save members of ISIS they repeatedly show who Turkey support. ???D Kobene'den Kaç?p Askerlere S???nd?
  9. D

    Is VAT relevant to a self run Condominium?

    I would appreciate advice from other owners that run their own sites under Turkish Condominium Law. If a management company is employed then I assume that they need to pay VAT on the maintenance fees collected as they would be a registered company. My question is this .... Am I right to...
  10. Briand

    Kos Run.

    Like many others our Residency needs renewing in July we just hope its all sorted by then with a bit of luck !!!!! but not holding my breath lol. :42: :director: Can we do the Kos run and get a ninety day visa just an option if we need too use it cheers. PS I only want info from persons that...
  11. G

    Turkey-Cyprus visa run

    Plain sailing? :ballchain My (Japanese) wife and 3 kids expire their tourist visas this Monday. Plane tickets to the nearest EU territory, S. Cyprus will break the bank so I'm considering hiring a car and driving them to Tasucu, taking the ferry to girne, then crossing over to the south, stYing...
  12. Dreamy

    Run an Internet Business from Turkey without working permission?

    I wonder, can foreigners open internet stores, or do you need a working permission first?
  13. W

    runners in Bodrum....

    Hi everyone Calling all running enthusiast who lives in Bodrum, what about a fun run get healthy and meet new friends...? :) ------ Wacks....
  14. bickern

    AK Party says Erdoğan will most likely run for president

    Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesman Hüseyin Çelik has said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will most likely run for Turkish presidency this summer, Turkish daily Radikal reported. Çelik told the Radikal daily that the ruling party currently doesn’t have plans...
  15. stmary

    is it expensive to run a car in Turkey?

    Does anyone know how expensive it is to run a car in Turkey / Altinkum, Where you buy the cars from , maybe a small 3 door jeep ,RAV 4 or do you get round on a dolmus quite happily , or do you really need a car Thank you
  16. bickern

    Erdoğan says would run for president if asked by party

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he would run for president next year if his party asked him to but dismissed suggestions of a rift with incumbent Abdullah Gül. The prime minister, who has dominated Turkish politics for a decade, cannot run again as prime minister in the...
  17. T

    run off those holiday excesses

    Anyone fancy a 4 mile run/jog on friday morning at 8 am starting fromposeidon statue then please let me know and will meet you there
  18. Firefox

    Greeks Run on Banks

    Anyone & everyone who has money in a Bank in Greece is queuing to get their money out now. Run on Greek banks as euro turmoil goes on - Hindustan Times it seems people in the UK will not be immune from this mess the word is “Make up or Break Up”
  19. T

    Olympic Run in memory of Soo

    You are aware of Chris and a team doing the London to Brighton bike ride in June in memory of Soo for breast cancer Here is the link again Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Brighton or Breast Also in just over 10 days on the afternoon of Saturday 31st March I am doing the 5 mile Olympic run...
  20. suzyq

    Family forced out of dream home after lawyers run off with their £400,000 live saving

    After finding their dream home, Gary Humphris and his family were delighted when their £400,000 cash offer was accepted. They moved into the four-bedroom property – complete with sauna, swimming pool and games room – straight away, and Mr Humphris set about spending the remaining £70,000 of...
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