1. E

    Rumours going around on the net RTE

    There has been rumours going around on the net for a few hours that RTE has had a heart attack . Sibel Edmonds
  2. mollag

    Hyped up rumours

    There seems to have been a lot of "sensational" stories this year, health schemes and 180 day regulations to name two. I set to wondering the source of these tales was. Tonight i looked at voices news on line and my attention was instantly drawn to " Expats face October 6th Date!" Gawd thats...
  3. Sunny Seasider

    Emergency Budget, Rumours and Predictions.

    This is from the latest news reported at 10 p.m tonight: Tomorrow’s Budget is likely to be the most crucial for a generation, with the country facing a huge national deficit set against the backdrop of a sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone. While shiny new Chancellor George Osborne readies...
  4. S

    90 Day Visa Rumours!!

    After all the rumours about the 90 day visa being reduced to 30 days and no more back to back visas has anyone been on Visa run in past few days and what was the outcome.
  5. D

    Asian side rumours

    I was chatting to someone who has a his little finger in a lot of major development pies. He told me Harem bus station is supposed to be re-located to Kartal and Haydarpaşa station will be closed and turned into a hotel as part of the Marmaray tunnel project. The existing rail line that runs...
  6. L

    Rumours of second airport

    Many people may have been told by Estate agents that there wil be another airport here soon only 30 mins away, so your property will go up in value a soon as it opens...... well SORRY but i dont think so!!! not in the near future anyway as they are all saying to get you to buy. Article taken...
  7. Marc

    More rumours.... Can anyone substantiate?

    I have been told that the "maybe" Golf complex in Kazikli Bay, just 15 minutes from Akbuk Centre (1.2million SqMeters) is now a definite, But could not see any plans or find out the owners details. It is due for completion in 2007. And there is set to be another Just outside of Iassos again for...
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