1. S


    There is a rumour going round that toesgirl and bal canaver were spotted at Erdogans daughters wedding yesterday, Personally I don't believe it:speaknoev
  2. mollag

    Rumour has it, or a man in the pub reckons.

  3. H

    Steve Gorman Eastern Promise

    Hi All, Hope someone can help. My husband and myself have been trying to contact Steve Gorman of Eastern Promise for the past while. We used him a couple of times to rent a villa on Long Beach. There is no answer from his phone numbers for the past while or reply from his email address. Does...
  4. B

    Didim Diner Rumour

    Apparently, word has been spread that this establishment is closed. Nothing could be further from the truth, IT IS open and providing excellent fayre at competitive prices. We had a Roast Dinner here to-day with Apple Roll and Ice Cream for afters, an excellent meal provided by a welcoming...
  5. northpole

    Just A Rumour

    l heard a rumour today,whether it is true or not.l hope someone can put some light to this. The law changed All foreigner's that have bought properties needs to employ a Turkish this true. sounds crazy to me.Can you imagine what will happen, by law employing a Turkish citizen just...
  6. Squeaky

    Rumour about back to back 90 day visas

    Good afternoon: I was told this morning that back to back 90 visas will not be permitted in future i.e the Marmaris to Rhodes and return trips are out from now on. Apparently a staff member from a marina in Marmaris visited the Passport Police yesterday to discuss this and was told that this...
  7. Germaine

    Altinkum Airport still a rumour ?

    Hi all. Over the last 4 weeks i have spoken to two Altinkum property owners who are convinced that in the next few years an Airport will be built in Altinkum. One of these two people claims that she got the information first hand from the Mayor who said work starts in 2015. I know everything is...
  8. J

    Skype silent on eBay takeover rumour

    VoIP pioneer Skype was refusing to comment on Thursday on claims that it is in talks with eBay over a possible takeover. (Graeme Wearden - ZDNet UK) According to a report in the Wall Street Journal , the Internet auction site is considering paying up to $3bn (£2bn) for Skype, although talks...
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