1. B

    90/180 day rule.

    Hi, In regards the 90/180 visa stay I just cannot understand it. My understanding is, on the first day that I enter Turkey the 180 day window kicks in. During that time I know that I can come and go as I please or I can stay my entire time up to a maximum of 90 days. I must then leave and my...
  2. B

    90/180 day rule.

    Hi, Can anyone please explain to me in simple terms about the 90/180 day rule. For example, when I have exhausted my 90 days stay in Turkey and I am required to leave the country, how long must I remain outside before I can return. Regards...
  3. A89

    yet another new rule???

    I went to the Devlet hospital today with a friend and were told that translators are now only provided for tourists and anyone who has residency must speak Turkish or take someone with them who can interpret for them. We had to go to a private hospital where it cost her 1400tl to see the doctor...
  4. mollag

    Rule Brittania

    There always seems to be confusion as to what country we live in Mr Raab recently cocked it up, and him a minister so, definitions. Great Britain is an island which is made up of three counties: England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain is the political term describing the political union of...
  5. A89

    New customs exemption rule

    Cargo from abroad faces new customs exemption charge ? Voices Newspaper alison
  6. mollag

    Red Tops Rule.

    Where to go for honest accurate reporting, why the Red Tops. This from the Mirror, distorting Mirror i reckon. ISIS has reportedly published a map showing its strongholds around the world - and the Isle of Man appears to have been included. In the graphic used by the Daily Mirror the Island...
  7. W

    185 day car rule

    Some of us have experienced the disadvantageous new rule which disbars re-entry to Turkey with a car within 185 days of last exit ( with a car). That would screw up my intended visit in Oct following our projected exit in 6 weeks time ( early July). However, entry this time around was in a car...
  8. mollag

    EU rule UK

    This article shows how the UK blocked EU rules for tariffs on Chinese steel. So when folk tell you that all our problems stem from EU rules imposed on the UK, show them this article, the UK has the power to block and opt out, should we decide not to, then that is our Governments decision and the...
  9. yalimart

    Driving licence rule changes

    DRIVING LICENCE LAW CHANGES!!! We have just learnt today that as of 1st January 2016 if you wish to change to a Turkish Driving Licence your original licence will be kept by the Turkish Government when the Turkish licence is issued. You will also need an educational certificate (proof of...
  10. D

    Buy Turkish property, get free citizenship!

    This is part of an article in KTLN “News is emerging of a proposal to introduce a new law in Turkey, granting foreigners who buy a property the same rights as Turkish citizens. Turkey's Minister of Economic Affairs, Nihat Zeybekci, is reported as saying that this law would be introduced some...
  11. gally

    Turkish 90 in 180 Visa rule

    Hi I know this has been done to death but can someone please clarify? A friend has just returned to UK & got fined £100 at passport control for overstaying by 38 days. He says his visa was still valid but was told he must be out of the country for 3 months before applying for a new one (new rule...
  12. simpsons

    Another New UK Immigration Rule

    Another new immigration rule. Will this be good or bad for Britain? Migrant salary rules may cost NHS nurse jobs, union warns - BBC News
  13. suzyq

    120 day rule will be effective after possibly 2017/2018

    Didim Voices have said the 120 day rule will not become effective until after possibly 2017/18 by which time most blue books will have expired. They pointed out this contradicts government advice given. Looks we will have to wait and see whether the government have in fact changed their mind...
  14. K

    120 day rule cancelled?

    Is this true or just a rumour? Just been told the 120 day rule is cancelled.
  15. M

    120 day rule

    Hello everyone. can anyone help me understand this 120 Day rule please. I know this includes the departure date and the entry date but when does the rule day start from on the passport. This is really confusing it says from the previous year. Which entry date do I go from if this is the rule...
  16. B

    Help with 120 day rule

    Hi, wonder if any one has any thoughts about my situation. I have a 3 yr residency blue book commencing April 10th 2014 ( yes got it just in time ) I was in Turkey from 30th March 2014 on an e visa whilst I applied for residency. My question is I have flights booked for 5th March returning to...
  17. K

    Turkish residency rules update

    The UK in Turkey Facebook page has provided an update on how residency rules are being applied. UK in Turkey Facebook page This is our take on KTLN: KTLN residency article
  18. J

    new resıdency rule for turkısh spouses

    hı for those WHO ıt concerns just want to share wıth you that today ı went to renew my resıdency nearly 5 years now and stıll waıtıng for kımlık as well. anyhow went to yabancı took all the necessary paperwork we normally take. Told ıt was not accepted as from 11 aprıl new rules for turkısh...
  19. bickern

    Erdoğan hints at altering three-term rule

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reportedly stated that his party's bylaw that limits deputies to three consecutive terms in office could be altered if the party administration want him to continue to lead the party, Turkish media reported on Tuesday. According to several Turkish media...

    Residence permits rule changes in Bodrum.

    Ok,it's all change again for some applications for Residence permits in Bodrum as of this week...... If you are renting,not only do you need to get your agreement notorized,but now you also have to show either the original or a copy of the Tapu appertaining to the building you are in & that...
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