1. suzyq

    Rugs to riches

    A drone captured the carpets laid out in fields in the Dosemealti district of the tourist province of Antalya Around 25,000 rugs were laid out under the scorching sun across almost 500 acres of land this summer High temperatures helped soften the vivid dyes used into the muted style...
  2. Andrew and Mary

    Rugs, wall hangings made in ÖdemiƟ Izmir

    I have just watched a programme on Kanal B and am amazed at what I saw!! A couple of guys were engaged in laying what appears to be highly coloured pieces of felt on a huge 'carpet' in what is obviously a traditional pattern. Then a thick layer of what I assume is sheeps wool which has been...
  3. Yalides

    Sheepskin rugs

    Two white sheepskin rugs bought from Cappadocia. 120TL the pair.
  4. P

    Sheepskin rugs

    I have asked a couple of people where to get these in the Bodrum area but no reply. Anyone ideas other than waiting for roadkill! Cheers Linda
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