1. W


    Thanks for comments everyone. Has anyone tried emailing the beledysi about anything? Do they have email?
  2. W

    Rubbish dropped

    It's such a shame to see the streets and especially the countryside littered with rubbish (no pun intended). We walked round the back of the falls in Manavgat for example and tho there is lovely countryside its spoiled by rubbish! Also at the airport people open their door and chuck rubbish...
  3. L

    Rubbish tax

    Is rubbish tax a new tax in Altinkum. Does our council tax not include rubbish collections?
  4. bickern

    Weekly bin collection is to be axed and mus separate rubbish sepeinto five containers

    It gets worse. Here I get collection twice a week and no problems with what you put in the bin. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Every home must be made to separate its rubbish into at least five bins, the Government says. The enforcement of waste collection...
  5. L

    Rubbish tax

    I paid my council tax and water bill at the municipal office beginning of may. Council tax was fine my water bill was hardly anything but they made me pay a bill for rubbish collection was about 100tl. I questioned it and was told it came in last year but there has been problems over it and I...
  6. A


    I hope all that rubbish has gone out side the fire opel appartments by the the time im back in june it was an eye sore not to mention a health hazard
  7. Summertime

    Council Tax and rubbish (waste water tax) in Didim

    Dear friends of Didim and Altinkum I have heard so many times people comlaining about the litter and rubbish in Didim. I really do hate all the rubbish and litter flying around, and when the "bag lady" comes around, they take everything out of the bins, and throw it on the ground, just to see...
  8. H

    Rubbish and sewerage tax in Yalikavak

    Hi, I wonder if anybody knows how much is sewerage and rubbish tax in Yalikavak. Our friends just paid 380 TL - can it be right?
  9. N

    rubbish tax

    just went to pay water bill and was imformed there is a new l tax rubbish tax 104 tl has any body heard of this ??.
  10. Briand

    New Rubbish Tax

    Hi just been to the Didim Belediye to pay water top up card and was told there now is a new rubbish tax which has to be paid by the end of the year, in our case its 102 lira for the year but may vary on property type or area. Briand:62yd:
  11. F

    June 1st - rubbish clearing

    Some of you will know that in 2010 and 2009 me and Sez organised a morning of rubbish clearing with the help of our local school Tinaztepe and the council. On each occasion we gathered about 400 bags of rubbish from all over Dalyan and the dive schools helped and cleared parts of the river. İ...
  12. T

    Half of adults rubbish with maths

    I really have to doubt the seriousness of this claim as if half are poor with maths it means the remaining two thirds must be good at maths Half Of English Adults Have Poor Maths - Yahoo!
  13. Alexander

    Animals Rubbish on the road

    I know there are people that will be telling I have no good feelings for stray animals, but what I really do not have is tollerance for rubbish around. Everybody who drives up and down the Maya road (from ex Artev office to the Complexes) might have seen dozens of dogs waiting for being fed. OK...
  14. D

    About this website,it is rubbish

    Who ever created this website, it is useless, it is boring, it is unfriendly to use and it is rubbish. Why I even bother ???? to sign up to this garbage???? I know the answer, don't you worry, if i don't like it , i won't use it. Simple. I just wanted to show how angry i am with this (i can't...
  15. ZiaCa'

    :( Rubbish!

    Just interested in and curious about your thoughts and anything you may know on the subject; this w'end we went for a drive down to the surf cafe' beach and noticed a huge amount of rubbish dumped around that area; last w'end we were shocked at the amount of rubbish in the picnic area of Karatas...
  16. F

    rubbish clean up - world environment day

    Just a note to apologise to anyone looking forward to this years Dalyan rubbish clean up for World Enviroment day. İ am afraid that İ am away at the crucial time and therefore won't be setting it up this year. But next year we will be back on and with a plan to get the Gokbal school involved as...
  17. pineapple1

    A Rubbish Day !

    Much earlier today i set off along the A1 to collect a old friend for his appointment for a scan , First there was a really bad pile up . and long delays part of the A1 was closed Finaly i arrived at his house and we set off for Newark Hospital Sadly there was yet another very bad...
  18. S

    Rubbish tax

    Is it the normal thing for tenants to pay a rubbish tax from water company as we have bill & never had one before & were not told we would have to pay this by agent only pay for water & electric.
  19. labman

    what aload of rubbish!

    Hi all, I missed the debate last night and tried to get a repeat on a palava.......just want to see what went on but oh no, they want all my details etc etc, and thats just to watch what should be available to the whole country like BBC, ITV. Anyone know where i can...
  20. ceemac

    Rubbish statistics on Europe per head

    The Europeans who churn out the most rubbish are the Danes, the Cypriots and the Irish, according to official Eurostat figures on municipal waste just released for 2008. This also went into how the European Union member states deal with their trash. Eurostat says 40 percent of the stuff is...
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