1. S

    DNS settings on a router

    Has anyone ever attempted to change the DNS settings on their router? Am interested in adding Unlocator but anything to do with router settings scares me off
  2. D

    How to stealthify port 1050 on a current airties router

    For some reason, airties routers come as standard with port 1050 open, which is a fairly serious security problem. With earlier routers it was easy to stealthify this port by going to "management" then disabling "TR-069". This option is no longer present on my current modem, an airties 5453. I...
  3. Spurs


    Quick Q. I am on Talk Talk, can I use any router or does it have to be one supplied by them? ie if I just went into a shop & bought one would it be just a case of plug in & go?
  4. N

    ADSL wireless modem router

    ADSL wireless modem router as new hardly used with 5 Ethernet cable point 120 TL didim or £30
  5. Tommie

    Router address

  6. H

    Will a UK router work in Turkey

    When I had broadband fitted in my house in Turkey I took a modem from the UK only to find that it was incompatible. Will a UK router work? Thanks.
  7. S

    Sky wireless router

    Just a very quicky Would a Sky wireless router work in Turkey? Thanks
  8. gally

    Laptop limited on router

    We have two laptops and a tablet in the house. When I log in to my router and check the wireless settings I see my wife's laptop's 'rate' is 54Mb/s and mine is always only 6Mb/s. Doesn't matter who gets on first mine is always limited to 6Mb/s. (Perhaps the router is female!) Even the tablet...
  9. Tommie

    Router problem with wifi HDD

    I have an external wifi hdd which I connect to my router. Clearly I also have internet conection. Whilst I have internet, I can connect to the HDD OK but, as soon as I lose internet, I lose my hdd connection. Should the router still be able to manage the HDD wifi connection although I have...
  10. A

    Router reset

    Hello. I have a problem accessing one of my bookmarks as the site has been changed to a new host. I have cleared cookies and DNS cache. Site owner now suggests I reset router. Problem is this will set everything to factory settings and I do not have set-up disc. If router is reset and I wanted...
  11. A

    Ttnet router help!

    Hi, I am not currently living in altinkum, i moved 4 weeks ago to south east turkey. I am having major problems with my new ttnet router and wondered if anyone could help, it is working but only by a wired connection have tried and tried to connect it wirelessly and its just not happening. Have...
  12. A

    Router - Switch off or not?

    I have heard from others on this forum(who know a lot more than me about computers) that some switch their router off when not in use while others keep it on. What are the pros and cons of both? Derek.
  13. Fuzzy

    Siemens Router

    Would anybody know if my Siemens router ' giga 762SX ' would work in turkey ??? Thank you
  14. M

    StarCom ADSL Router replace with Netgear DG834G

    Good morning. The StarCom is partially working perhaps as a result of a powerpack burnout &/or lightning strike. From the StarCom I have revealed the User Name and Password. I have input the User Name and Password to the DG834G and changed to PPPoE. The laptop connects to the DG834G. The DG834G...
  15. B

    wifi router

    Hi everyone. Shortly after getting the coveted tapu and HC we went for a telephone line and wifi. Signed up with TT and they include a wifi router in the deal. It doesnt seem the most powerfull one we have had as we want to share access and costs with 2 neighbours. so my question. Can I buy...
  16. M

    Wifi Router for Vodafone dongle.

    For those of you that use a local vodafone internet dongle, it might be of interest that you can buy a wifi router too now. You plug the dongle thingy into this little router, and it then sends wifi around your house etc. You then just use you laptop, iPad, smartphone or what ever on wifi...
  17. raven

    Wireless Router Help

    Hello to all the IT Geeks, I need your help :) In our apartment we have shared Broadband, which is set up like most offices/business center where we have one router and the internet is brought to the apartments via cat5. We have on connection in the apartment which I have set up to run to a...
  18. yalimart

    uk bought wireless n modem router

    Hi has anyone taken and used a uk bought modem/router, i am thinking of taking a netgear wireless n modem as the range on the tt net supplied one is pretty poor and only has one lan port more concerned about the type of adsl signal than the actual wireless between devices thanks in advance martin
  19. maggie

    Router problem.

    Here we go again ; My lap top and my desk top both work off the same wireless router, So how come this morning my lap top is working but my desk top is not. Its saying I have a cable unplugged somewhere????? Hugs Maggie xx
  20. maggie

    Hot Router.

    One for you geeky people.!!! Has anyone here in Turkey found that their router is getting very hot in this hot weather.????? Reason asking apparently my other one was burnt out by getting too hot. Ive bought a new one but thats getting very hot too. Ive now placed it by an open window with a...
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