1. V

    New British Airways London Gatwick to Antalya direct route launched today

    I had totally missed this, but luckily for me my daughter told me about it tonight. British Airways have released direct flights from Gatwick to Antalya, starting on 30th April next year & going up until almost the end of September. Currently you can get return flights for just under £140. You...
  2. mollag

    New Turk Air route.

    Gatwick-Bodrum, may be just the job for us, we are seriously pissed off with Easyjet. Turkish Airlines launches long-anticipated Bodrum-London flights
  3. S

    New route from Belfast are launching a route to Antalya from Belfast Great to see some positive tourism news for Turkey
  4. Lez Zetli

    Drive to UK via Balkans. Favourite route?

    Currently leaning towards Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria.... Previously have done Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria... I wanted to keep within the EU customs union area to reduce border crossings but to avoid Serbia I'd have to go via Romania where there's no decent route as far...
  5. teosgirl

    Izmir - Thessaloniki NEW ROUTE

    ?zmir-Selanik feribotu kaç gün sefer yapacak ücreti ne kadar olacak? - Ege Meclisi - Ege'nin Ortak Sesi - This week Ahmet Davutoglu and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras met in Izmir and signed a deal which opens a new passenger ferry route between the two nations. The ferry trip will take 10 hours...
  6. W

    Best route Eceabat - Bansko

    Am heading back to UK via road and looking to hear from anybody who has driven northwards from Eceabat to Bansko. I am booked up in Bansko for 3 nights and there are a number of routes I could take. I could go via motorway to Kavala area in Greece and head north from there or I could take same...
  7. yalimart

    New Pegasus Route

    Pegasus have today announced some new routes/options including Gatwick to Istanbul 6 times a week. Great prices and with some good onward connections - starts on 1st May
  8. A

    Best route to Sarigerme

    Hi all, I need to get from Fethiye to Sarigerme near Dalaman by public transport can anyone help me routes and best way to do it. Many thanks in anticipation.
  9. V

    Easyjet axe Luton-Istanbul route

    Easyjet have quietly axed their Luton to Istanbul route from the end of March which many people used to link with Pegasus services from Turkey's regional airports. Although the route is still showing on their route map for the summer, no flights come up when you try to book them for the summer...
  10. L

    Route to UK citizenship for Turkish nationals?

    Hi everyone – I am returning to the site after a break of sometime – since when I have had a wonderful year in Turkey and hope to return to live permanently before long. I just wanted some advice re immigration status of Turkish nationals trying to get into Britain. I have become acquainted...
  11. T

    Dolmus route

    Some good news for anyone staying at Sunlight Homes- the Turgotreis and Bodrum Dolmus now stops here. The road through the village is blocked off - there is a fair amount of traffic but no dust , and great access .
  12. escapee

    change of bus route

    for those of you who use the Manavgat - Antalya bus to go to the Özdilek centre, they have changed the route. You now have to get off at the island with the soldier on it and walk up from there as instead of turning right at the island, it goes straight on.
  13. onz

    Route info needed Izmir to didim

    hi all ive asked this question before and got a great answer. think from (kev) ive tried to find the post for the past half hour with no luck im sure there's an easy way to find all your own posts on here but damned if i can lol (must have my christmas efe's head on)......need an idiots road...
  14. A

    Is Miletus on a dolmus route?

    I am looking to get there from Akbuk or Didim. I know where it is (near Akkoy) and have been there before by car. But now looking if I can get to the theatre by bus.
  15. mollag

    New Altlas route

    Seems from May 5th Atlas will be flying from Istanbul ataturk to London Stanstead. Sounds like good news i reckon :clap2:
  16. Lez Zetli

    Driving Istanbul Airport to Izmir. Which route is best?

    I'm planning to drive from Istanbul Ataturk airport to Izmir in the summer; which Marmara ferry crossing do you recommend or do you prefer to drive around it? Thanks for any advice :)
  17. E

    New route from Manchester-Istanbul

    Air blue company starting new route between Manchester-Istanbul starts 13 th january 2012
  18. Mikee100

    Turkish Airlines New Route

    I have just received an email from Turkish airlines saying they are starting a new route from London Gatwick to Istanbul from 20th December. This is great news as getting to Heathrow is a pain for me. Mike
  19. C

    Olympic Torch Route

    For those in the UK is it passing you?:36le: Olympic Torch Relay | London 2012
  20. E

    jet 2 starting new route - Manchester to Istanbul

    16 th march 2012 jet 2 starting flights from manchester to istanbul Ataturk airport
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